And it gets rough.

Okay things could be worse – WAY worse – but we are passed 32 weeks and things now aren’t dicey in terms of health – but the fact that I have 3 babies inside me is starting to show. My body is getting stressed and starting to react to the pregnancy.

This is really disgusting, but you read this, it’s your choice to be here…- so lets get acquainted.

  1. I’ve never had a yeast infection in my life – ever. Gross. Well I have one. No – no nasty cottage cheese coming out of my vajaijai it’s worse. It’s in my mouth. It’s not a sever case, OB isn’t even recommending any sort of medical treatment but there’s about 4-5 little “puss” things in my mouth, It’s gross… So I brush non-stop. They say that thrush (what I have) is common in pregnancy because of hormonal changes.. I’m still not 100% sure that I’m okay with it – or the diagnosis, my throat feels a little swollen…we’ll see – what that brings.
  2. Cold sores. When my body is upset, tired, stressed, sick – I get cold sores. Usually on the side of my lip. Well my body is stressed and sick and tired I think – so why not develop a cold sore – or multiple cold sores, for multiple babies. I have one growing on my cheek – (yes I’m a sore sight to look at ) and one in the corner of my lip – I’ve been able to catch them fairly early so I hope with cold sore treatment cream they’ll leave as fast as they came.
  3. A skin tag – some sort of skin ucky gross thing grew on me – you couldn’t see it looking at me, it’s super tiny and  – it’s on my forearm, but it’s just gross.

Anyways so that’s the deal with me, I feel gross – my body looks like a science fiction movie – my skin is insanely itchy – I want to loose weight – I want to sleep – BUT I’m willing and totally able to keep going!

My cervix – is still at an outstanding 4cms – nobody really gets that – everyone is totally in shock about that, and how Im doing it – they tell me I should have another set of triplets *YA RIGHT* – So very likely we’ll make it to 34.5 weeks, and at the very least at least until 33 weeks – which is outstanding!

The babies also amaze all the medical staff here’s their update:


Our little heifer has continued to be the leader of the pack. She weighed in at 4lbs 5oz , so she’s just about 4 1/2 lbs ( WOWZER) She’s head down, and has always been head down since forever, she’s doing perfectly amazing breathing and recieved a score of 8/8


Ben and Lauren decided to give us a HUGE scare. Not a health scare but a gender scare – tricksters. The U/S tech was like oh crap – we’re like what? She’s like well baby B ( who is Benjamin) is actually a girl. FUCK!!!!!! I was in total shock – and this shock lasted for what felt like minutes as she scanned, rescanned and SCANNED – finally she said — ahhh I see a penis I see what’s going on  Ben and Lauren were squished so closely together that their bums “blended” into each other and they kept picking up girl genitals – but once Ben moved – it became clear – that he was still a he. PHEW!!!….Anyways Ben weighs in at a healthy 4lbs and recieved a score of 8/8– he’s enjoying his own little condo – as mentioned before he has the entire right half of the uterus to himself and he takes full on advantage of it – he also has a “generous” amount ( 7cms) of amniotic fluid that allows his to be an acrobat. He flips from transverse ( so vertical) to head down to head up all within minutes- he’s a mover!!!


Also another acrobat. Lauren managed to squeeze herself from a breach position into a head down position ( nobody understands how 32 weeks triplets can manoeuver this – myself included) .. Anyways she is measuring in at 4lbs as well and recieved a score of 8/8.


I’ve been feeling badly about not blogging about my biggest baby of all Brady! So – he now gets weekly updates too… He’s doing really well. I’m worried because scarlet fever is circulating at his Montessori and Im sooo worried he’ll get it – but the teacher PROMISS me that they keep a close eye on him and that handwashing for Brad is priority #1. I dont think you become so paranoid about germs until you have a preemie coming into the world! I’m also worried of contracting it too. Bradley has already claimed one of the bouncy chairs as his – and since we have 5 – I told him it could be his – I’m sure he’ll be anxious to share with Benjamin though. This week him and I are making chocolates for family and friends. It should be a good activity ! He’s the best 3 year old boy ever – really I couldn’t get through this pregnancy without his understanding and independence!

What a STEALLAR group of Kids I have. Everyone is so proud of them – their mommy especially.

 I can’t believe we’re down to 13 days ( not including today of section day) – it’s just too unbelievable.

We’re really hoping for take home babies – and I want the best babies possible, but the OB said today that likely they’ll need help breathing – but just like nasal prongs to give them fresh oxygen and because of that they will not be able to breast feed immediately (BOOO) – they’ll require a pediatric feeding tube which will go from their mouth into their tummies to feed them. But hopefully only a few days of this and then they’ll be good to go…COMMON HEALTHY BABIES!!!

OHH – And I have an award for the rudest comment of the year.

We had a woman come in to appraise our house, for a home equity line of credit for our school bus purchase ( aka a yukon) anyways she had the NERVE as I was sitting down with her to say “well I wouldn’t know what having triplets is like – all mine were natural” WHAT THE F???  All mine were natural? Who are you  – and what right do you have to assume that my children are not “natural” ( oh that word makes my blood boil). Anyways after I looked at her completely in shocked I said – well I guess we’re are in the same boat – all of mine ARE natural. What a hoe like who assumes that?…. If you read my blog – and you meet a parent of multiples – never EVER ask if her children are “natural”….

Oh that note – time to sleep 🙂

12 Responses to “And it gets rough.”
  1. I can’t believe that lady! I had someone say that to me last that they conceived the “old fashioned way” People really should think before they speak!

  2. Kerri-Lyn says:

    First of all… so sorry you’re turning into a grotesque alien woman…lol… but I’ll love you all the same! 🙂

    Secondly… GO TEAM!

    XO KL

  3. Julia Rehfeldt says:

    That is horrible that she said.. I feel for you too. I get asked that all the time. Like my children are different because they were conceived by IVF. Even had someone say that IVF was wrong in Gods eyes. People are so rude. I said to a women one time that mine are natural it just took more than one man to make them. She kind of gave me a dirty look. Anyways hang in there. You are almost there!

    • 4under4 says:

      I guess you would get that even with twins eh?… I LOVE the “it took more than one man to make them” good for you.
      I never thought I could get “cheeky” with all the comments, and I usually dont – but if it’s not the innocent “are they natural” question and ASSUMING they’re natural and distiguishing her children as “different” then mine – I couldn’t resist being rude.. I’m sure there will be more comments too..

  4. Val says:

    ugh – Bridgey – I would have kicked that woman in the face!!! Anyway, great progress report…you are doing such a great job!

  5. Carey says:

    I totally love your thinking Bridgey and you are right what right did that women have to say that. People are stupid, think think and think again.

    Praying that things go as planned, so far your plan has been following the right lead.

    Thinking of you


  6. Leanne says:

    I would have told her, “How are they unnatural? They certainly aren’t PLASTIC and FAKE!” What a bitch! Sorry, but I hate stupid people!!! lol And you’ll deal with a lot of them having multiples….even twins bring out the “stupid” in people…lol

    Browneyedgirl. 😉

  7. Amanda (avanderheide) says:

    BP – You are doing awesome. You amaze me – what great blessings to add to your family. I can’t believe what that woman said! How rude! Good for you for giving it back to her though!


  8. Karolyn says:

    Note the brigey….if you do have to use nasal prongs and the feeding tube…be SURE TO ASK TO PUT THE BABIES to boob anyways…there is no reason why they wouldn’t let you (They let me with Isabelle until they had to intubate her). It will give them a chance to get accustomed to smell and the nipple plus it will tell you body….PRODUCE MILK….!! Be sure to pump every 3 hours for 15 minutes….it will get that milk supply up and ready for the little ones.


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