16.5 days


WOW. 16.5 days left until we meet Ben Lauren and Alanna – weird.

The more I think about it – the more I start to FREAK. Not because in 396 hour we’ll have triplets, but because this is likely ( note I say likely) the last time I’ll ever be pregnant again – and defiantly the last time with triplets. I dont know if I’m the only woman out there who goes through this weird withdrawal thing or not – but I’m like dang no more babies in my belly. It’s going to be a HUGE relief to hand these freeloaders their eviction notice in 2 weeks, but i’ll miss them. I wont miss the sleepless nights, or the pain, or the weekly super detailed appointments but I’ll miss having little bodies dance about within me, this has really been the COOLEST experience I’ve ever had. Although I missed out on some stuff I would have loved like prenatal yoga and aqua fitness and what not – I gained so many cool experiences from this pregnancy – I’ll miss feeling them, and laughing at their dances and the amazement of wondering how on earth can THREE human lives live and thrive inside me – weird!

We have out OB appointment this Wednesday where we’ll be getting the FINAL weight measurement before meeting them – I’m hoping everyone’s over 4lbs- they should be – but keep your fingers crossed. If they are – chances are very likely that we’ll deliver us some nice 5lbs turkey babies!

So Im totally hijacking this picture off the web but I’ll let you into a little secret of mine – I CONSTANTLY google babies of various weights – it gives me incentive to keep going… a 1lbs baby vs a 2lbs baby is QUITE the difference – anyways all along I’ve kept this picture on my desktop because I thought that if I could have THREE babies looking like this I’d be satisfied – so here it is – this random baby was born at 4lbs something oz (like 3 i think) and therefore I think out trio should be about this size now – so here it is:


                                                                                                                                                              Sorry to the parents I've hijacked this from.... but if you have it on google -well to bad.


How on earth does THREE of those babies fit inside me – really HOW? I just can’t picture it – I picture tinsy tiny little mega fragile babes coming out – I think I’ll be pleasantly surprised!


I’m really getting excited!


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