baby bottles ——– and a car

So Im chatting with Keith yesterday about how absolutely poor we’ve become in preparing with triplets, it’s bad enough forking out the dough for 3 IVF cycles and then you get this with triplets ouch! But we’re just about there and I was telling him – wow we’ve done it we only need a few more small things like a sling, bottles, little toys and that’s about it – …. that’s when he said – and a car LOL…yup and a car that’s right – SHIT we STILL dont have a car.  Ahhh well somehow things have a way of coming together for me.

Guess what?….(changing fonts because this deserves big huge massive letters)


This was a first in a looongg time, I woke up only ONCE ( that has got to be a triplet miracle) to go pee from 10pm-630am – it was GREAT. I mean I woke up several times from the aches and pains that remind me that I am preggo with triplets but I feel right back asleep. EVERYTIME I woke up I was on my back ( which of course with any baby, let alone 3 is a big no no ) but I didn’t care and the babes didnt seem to mind either  – thank you wonderful babies!!! So it was really really nice and Im feeling pretty excited about it.

Can you believe on Sunday at midnight -so like 4 days ish I’m THIRTY TWO weeks preggo –  Just amazing. I can’t wait for next Wednesdays ultrasound because we’ll get our final weight before they are born – wow eh?…I’m estimating that Alanna will be 4lbs 8oz and Lauren and Ben will be about 4lbs 2oz – so we’ll see!…Hopefully they’ll get another 2 weeks of growing to 34 weeks and they’ll all be over 5lbs – GROW BABIES GROW – !! ( It’s so easy to feel encouraged and excited when you’ve had sleep – wow I dont even have to “try” to be  positive lol)

>>>Side note – this is insanely gross – Im watching bringing baby home, this lady had who is very holistic and what not had her baby – then the midwfie took the placenta grinded it up – and put it into pill size capsule and the lady who had the baby takes 2 “placenta capsuls” per day – excuse me while I vomit.

Anyways – I can finally say I KNOW what my pregnancy cravings are:

  1. – Broccoli
  2. – watermelon
  3. – Pineapple

And the biggest one yet — LEMON!!!!, I can’t get enough lemon – it’s the BEST thing ever I just want to eat it whole. I’ve resisted but I just love lemon in / on EVERYTHING!

PS I just wanted to say I love all the support/ love/ encouragement that everyone has given me – I couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you xoxoxooxxoxo

One Response to “baby bottles ——– and a car”
  1. 'Dreaming' says:

    Sounds like we spend time doing the same things these days…I’ve been watching Bringing Baby Home and the Baby Story religiously…but I have to say (luckily) I missed the episode about the placenta pill! YUCK! Anyway, your belly looks beautiful, stretch marks and all! Can’t wait to hear your baby announcement; it’s just around the corner now! Hang in there.

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