OB update –

Well another stellar appointment – well if being 31 weeks pregnant w/ triplets  is stellar then – yes stellar.

The babies are perfect they all received a score of 8/8 for whatever it is they check ( muscle tone, movement, fluid, breathing) – all the babies really REALLY breath they dont even have to look for it – so that’s AWESOME news for us. Somehow – nobody really knows HOW Benjamin flipped himself over – at 31 weeks for big triplets – how he managed to acrobat himself into a new position is really beyond anyones comprehension – but he managed. Apparently these babies have very little mercy for their Mommy! The Cutest thing was apparently – we’re told by the ultrasound technician that Lauren ( baby C) has “very chubby cheeks” – I was totally shocked and felt so warm when I heard this – I just picture preemies being so tinsy tiny and fragile but my little girl has chubby cheeks I was SOOO proud of her! The tech. was so taken back by her chubby checks she broke out the 3d ultrasound just to show us – and When I saw Lauren my heart melted – SHE’S BEAUTIFUL!!!.. She looked like such a pretty pretty pretty girl – I’m sooo excited to meet her! (I’m sure the others are too I just didn’t see them) So that’s that – everyone seems to think I’m some sort of walking miracle baby making (well I guess baby holding) machine.

They asked if I rested all day and I said I try to get out at least 1 hour a day to shop – and that blew their minds, but they told me to continue doing whatever I’m doing because it’s working.

As for me… I’m actually getting healthier?  – I know I know it’s so random. All through the pregnancy I’ve been +1 for protein in the urine ( which could lead to toxemia) anyways I’ve been like that for 20 odd weeks so they just assumed it’s “how I am”  it never got worse – but today it got better!? I no longer have +1 I have just a small trace – GO ME! And last week my blood pressure started to climb a little (120-70 or something like that ) but this week my blood pressure actually dropped back down to normal/low 100-60 WOW!.. So that’s all perfect. OB says we’re defiantly making it to 32 weeks, and that makes me excited because I ‘ve read that at 32 weeks most preemies can breast / bottle feed – and that’s what I desperately want, I dont want them to have tubes into their bellys 😦

Here’s the biggest crap of it all though – so I ‘m sure I’ve blogged about this but the lower part of my skin on my belly is super duper sore and it looks like there is pockets of water down there – well this is actually what’s happening:

There is a few layers of skin, anyways they’ve split apart because the skin is way to over sretched so fluid is accumulating between the two layers of skin. this is causing all the nerves to come up to the surface which is why it KILLS if someone touches it. Also I’ve developed pitting edema in my stomach and legs which looks like this:


Gross - I know



So it’s really gross if anything touches my belly / legs it leaves enormous imprints – GROSS!…But small price to pay for healthy babies! – Also on my skin on my stomach I’ve developed something called pile d’orange – its like an orange peel it’s like bumpy anyways my skin everywhere where there would be a hair follicle it has poped up and looks like an orange peel…ewww – Im telling you I should book my tummy tuck next week this is going to be NASTY!


See the “pits” in the skin of the orange mine is like that but it pops out – yummy you’ll never look at an orange the same!
( As I write this Alanna has hiccups – the hiccups are NON-STOP)

I also got fitted for some pretty sexy fish net stockings lol – apparently I have to wear super tight “sockish” type things on the day of  my csection to prevent blood clots – these tight stockings will go from ankle to hip – fancy!

20 days – lets get er’ done!!!!

6 Responses to “OB update –”
  1. Kate says:

    So glad I found your blog! Good luck! You are so close to your goal. You are helping me remember what I’m working for–we’re still TTC #1.

  2. Kelsey Austin says:

    Hey there, I know we don’t know each other that well but I love reading your updates! 🙂
    If you need any other baby stuff I am selling and getting rid of the rest of our stuff…including clothing. I don’t know how you are for all that stuff but I have a bin of baby girls clothing and shoes if you were interested. Even though you sound pretty set I thought I’d offer! You live in Ottawa right? Anyways I could always drop the stuff off to your place if needed 🙂
    Take care…you look great!

    • 4under4 says:

      Thanks for your comments 🙂 I always peek at your fb profile too – I think it’s an unwritten rule that moms just love other moms kids, they’re always so cute!

  3. Kerri-Lyn says:

    You’re hilarious! You go sexy mama!! 😀

  4. Hey woman! That’s water retention in your legs, where you press in, and it stays? Well… I have that ALL the time. My family has so kindly come up with the term “leg art”. Isn’t it lovely!?!

    You go girl 🙂

    • 4under4 says:

      You have this ALL the time? ?Dear god poor you – I can FEEL the water moven about when I walk GROSS… I couldn’t handle that! Poor poor you… I wont complain anymore. 😛

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