21 days! WHOOT WHOOT!

Well it certainly feels like this blog is massively overdue. BUT I’ve been busy – doing very productive things – like incubating lol!

Things are quickly coming together we now are proud owners for THREE brand new PVC and phosphate free mattresses, they feel so nice I want to sleep on them! We are also the proud owner of a MASSIVE dresser/change table combo thing. AND our painter ( bless his heart lol) is coming to do the final touches on the murals we had him paint – even though he’s a “painter” not an “artists” as he insists but he did an INCREDIBLE job on their room. I promise to post pictures this weekend of the completed nursery. I love their room – there’s a HUGE part of me that wants to move – I hate the city, and now we have neighbours behind us that’ll likely move in this spring ( gag ) I feel like I’m living in a cookie cutter bubble – anyways I desperately want to move to the country – but now that their room looks THIS beautiful, it makes me want to stay!

So what are we still missing – A CAR! CRAP…. We’ve done a “lease take over” on my torrent so now that is gone – ADIOS, but now I dont have a car grrr! Here’s the problem. We dont fit in ANYTHING. I want to be economical right ( we have 6 mouths to feed, a large house and 1 income — scary!) BUT it’s hard to be economical when you really need a school bus – we just dont fit into ANYTHING. The problem with 7-8 passenger SUV’s is that there is ZILCH for trunk room and we need the space to seat 6 AND have room for a TRIPLET stroller ( they are a school bus in themselves) AND for our dog when we go to the cottage – SO the only thing we can think of is an extend Yukon Denali. (cha-ching) ANYWAYS…Keith’s “theory”, and I should believe him because he has worked in the car industry for 8+ years is that car prices are cyclical, they rise in the summer start to fall in the fall crash in the winter and work their way back up in the spring. SO this being the end of summer he says we’ll pay an extra 10K for the Denali now – SO we have to wait for winter – YA I have 4 kids and NO car…. SO his plan is to rent me a van ( sexy!) until Dec and then we’ll buy something – GOD BLESS ME I can just feel that this is going to be a disaster. But que cera cera right?

Next dilemma – our car seats aren’t in yet GAH! apparently when you have triplets you REALLY need to prepare much more in advance then we have – most places dont stock 3 of the same thing, only 2 – (as we found out with mattresses) so our car seats are on order – tick tock!!!! I’m hoping they’ll be here end of week?!

We also dont have any bottles…. Check out this math

Newborns eat every 3 hours @ each feeding 1 baby will be on boob, 1 baby will receive a bottle of pumped breast milk, and 1 baby will receive a bottle of formula ( if my boobies decided to be very good working boobies maybe we can score 2 bottles, but camman’ lets face it – these aren’t no D cups – hell I’m just getting into a C…sigh!) … SO every 3 hours we will require 2 bottles.

There are 7 feedings per day @ 2 bottles per feeding that’s 14 bottles per day…. I’d like to have a 2 day supply so I dont have to wash them EVERY DAY -so I need about 30 bottles on hand. SO like all other things no store carries 30 bottle on their shelves so we need to GET ON IT! … I’m hoping the NICU will advise us more on what bottle to get etc… I’ll ask this question tomorrow at my OB appointment.

I’m onto weekly appointment now, where we do a biophysical profile check each week by ultrasound – checking breathing, bladder, lungs, kidneys etc.. They’ll receive a score out of 8 , I’ll post more on our results tomorrow.

As for me…hmph. That’s all I have to say hmph. THIS SUCKS. I would never wish triplets upon anyone. EVER. I mean this is flippen fantastic that I can incubate these babies for this long and that they are amazing weights and appear to be very healthy but this is fucking hard. I dont sleep anymore. I’ve given up on that. My night looks like this 9pm pass out in our “family bed” (that used to be Keith and my bed), around 11pm move into the rocking chair and sleep for about 3 hours, 3pm move into the guest bed sleep for maybe an hour or so – interject MANY MANY ( like 5-6) pee breaks during that time and that’s pretty much my night every night – I think Im getting about 5 hours a night, which I know sounds like bliss compared to a night with triplets but it’s not it hurts so much.

I have a new “symptom”I guess really it’s my first “scary” symptom if you will –  now I have edema. It’s common ya – but not in your abdomen where I have it. It’s all accumulating bellow my belly button you can actually see “pockets” of water and when you press your hand into it your hand print will leave MASSIVE indentations for up to an hour. AND the liquid inside feels like LAVA hot hot lava, when you touch it it BURNS… So I called my “pregnancy hotline” at the hospital this morning and they said stick with it – it’s okay for now – and I’ll see my OB tomorrow at 8am, we’ll see what he says…. I have like 24 lbs of STUFF in my uterus – do I really need pockets of water?!..

Anyways as much as I complain I’m so excited and hopeful that we’ll make it to the 34 week and 2 day mark! They’ll likely be between 4.5-5lbs each I just can’t even imagine that. I can’t. It just doesn’t seem possible/realistic to – no way no how – but we’ll see and I’ll be SOO proud. I want take home babies!!!

Bradley is doing FANTASTIC at school, it’s amazing last year he hated it, cried everyday – this year he’s having melt downs at me because I wont let him stay for the full day…  He LOVES it. AND this year they are really focusing on french language skills, and his vocabulary is EXPLODING, I’m really really impressed with him. He now knows all his colours in french along with tons of songs and quite a few words. I asked him yesterday if he had fun with his papere and he said oh well “comme ci comme ca” I LAUGHED! What a previous little guy I love him to bits and I can’t wait to see him take on all the responsibility that being a big brother has in store for him.

I know this blog is long – Im rambling but one last thing. I was watching a baby story the other day – and this girl just busted out crying when she was brining her baby home and she said, you know I never though I wanted kids, I never understood the love parents have for their kids, and I’m just so happy I can experience it. And that struck a cord with me. Having children is honestly the biggest blessing in there is in the world. There is no human or thing or power or whatever that I could love more than my children. It is the most amazing, pure honest feeling in the world, and I am so SO fortunate to be given the opportunity to be a mom to 4 wonderful children.

The flip of this is infertility. When we started IVF we were what’s called “Secondary Infertility” a much less common form of infertility meaning we conceived naturally on our own once, but couldn’t again. We knew what the “pure honest love” felt like, and even if IVF didn’t work for us, we had the biggest blessing of all – a child. But when I see people with “Primary Inferitly” struggle to conceive and try and try and try again without any luck, without being able to experience that pure honest love – it hits me hard. It’s not even the slightest bit fair that anyone in the world should miss out on the love and happiness that child bring to a family, I belive having children should be a right. Not a physical ability – and IVF should be funded to help those who probably MOST deserve that long sought after love from a child.

On that note – I have a hungry preschooler about to arrive any minute! Will update tomorrow!


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