27 days and counting

Yesterday was hell. Today was heaven.

I guess that’s expect though when you have three growing bodies inside you. Yesterday right off the bat in the morning I wasn’t feeling to well, I starting having contractions first thing in the morning and I thought FORSURE the babies were coming that day. The contractions got so bad towards the afternoon I was having 7-9 contractions per hour. Which was BRUTAL, but they weren’t regular and they weren’t super painful so I kept on trucking, they got the best of me though and I fell asleep around 4 and woke up at 6 – after I woke up I had a few more but nothing serious. The hell was over.

Today – I’ve had maybe 3 contractions all day ( whoot whoot!) and I had an AMAZING OB appointment, Here’s what it things look like. Oh first let me tell you this, now at each ultrasound they perform something called a biophysical profile where they measure and evaluate a whole ton of things and essentially give you a “report card” out of 8…here it goes

Alanna – Baby A

She is our heifer of the group – she’s a big baby!! She is currently head down and ready to come out and second she’s on a mission that girl! She also received an 8/8 on her report card and weighs in a hefty 3lbs 10oz – somewhere near the 70th percentile. She was also breathing and will be the eldest of our threesome being born first!

Benjamin – Baby B

He was our weight jumper! Last time he was lagging being but gained almost a full pound in two weeks tying up his weight to his sister Lauren at 3lbs 6oz which is somewhere near the 55th percentile for boys – so HUGE applause for Benny Bean we almost thought he was going to get “screwed over” of nutrients from his sister and cause and early delivery but he caught right up – surprised us all! He also received an 8/8, and has always been a big breather, Bens been hiccuping ( which means he’s breathing ) for quite some time now and between him and Alanna they are feisty babies – Lauren is very very calm compared to Ben but they seem to enjoy each others company and are always resting their heads on one another! Ben’s assumed the unique position of transverse and has the entire right quadrant of my abdomen to himself – he is ALWAYS “swimming” with his legs and has a TON of room….showing the girls who’s boss I guess!


My poor little girl is SQUISHED very very limited room for her, but she’s doing well she received and 8/8 on her report card and weighs in at a very amazing 3lbs 6oz which is around 60th percentile for weight, she is doing lots of practice breathing and looks fantastic, she is still on the left and is breach, she’ll likely be born second. Oh and apparently she’s going to be a short girl?! I’m anxious to meet her – Alanna feels very …”tomboyish” but Lauren is defiantly a little princess!

And where do I fit into this.. Im doing well. My pelvis isn’t too bad lately but the swelling is getting the best of me, and my bloodpressure has gone up. I’m lucky I started out with low blood pressure because now I’m at 120/60 which is “normal” .. so that’s all good. I’m feeling dizzy lately though and very very itchy… And the stretch marks are showing NO mercy. I’m also back to being extremely exhausted constantly  – but im so anxious to make it to the finish line.

The OB said he doesn’t think that they’ll be any distress when they are born – and that we can even hold them and chat with them for a while before they are taken into the nursery… I can’t wait to meet these babies Im SO proud of them!! 🙂

All that being said – I could randomly go into labour tonight and deliver the babies tomorrow morning, we’ll never really know, but what’s nice is that we’re in a “safe zone” now!




One Response to “27 days and counting”
  1. Kerri-Lyn says:

    Good job mommy, Ben, Alanna & Lauren! Go team go!

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