33 days – WOW!

Our biggest challenge is almost met – 30 weeks! If I were to deliver before 30 weeks I would have had to deliver at another hospital besides mine, because it was considered a level 3 and therefore had a more “intensive” care nursery to deal with the most challenging of cases.

HOWEVER I sit here I am so proud to say I am now only 2 1/2 days away from making to my 30 week goal, which means I am not longer a “level 3” case and that my babes only need a special care nursery – similar to that of a NICU but not quite as intensive of care – so that’s a huge WOW!! Very happy about that.

The last 2 days have been good, last night was a record setting night.  From midnight to 7am – 1 pee. THAT ladies and gents is a fantastic feat for ANY mother of triplets I had SUCH a good night sleep. Now my day was very busy and maybe that’s why I slept so well? See I’ve never officially been put on “bed rest”, I’ve been told to take it easy and my pelvic issue simply meant I couldn’t walk so it was basically no choice bed rest. But I think Alanna has shifted WAYYYYY down and for whatever reason a lot of my pelvic pressure has POOF disappeared – so I figured I take advantage of the opportunity and use a “get out of jail free card”.

I had a dentist appointment a 1, so I went to that – and then I went shopping at Oshkosh ( details to come) then I went to the dollar store and then I went out to my Ryan and Pauls to meet their new little man ( super cute by the way now Im uber excited to meet mine!) THAT was an incredible day for an almost 30 weeker to do – AND I wasn’t hurting – imagine?! The only thing that hurts is the inside of my thighs like I’ve done a bajillion squats or something but whatever that’s manageable. So it was a super exciting day for me! SO shopping details, I went in to grab a few little things and the regional manager of the store was there she’s like “wow there must be 2 in there” I said – there are plus 1 more – she almost dropped to the floor. She was friggen thrilled out of her mind. It wasn’t long before EVERYONE in the store new and was cheering me on etc.. It was a really great feeling – for me and my wallet – BECAUSE they had just marked down all the summer stuff ( and they had tons) from 19.99-14.99 all onsale for 2.99…2.99 is right – I couldn’t believe it. So the regional manager lady instead of making me look through all the racks figured that they’d be in about 6 month clothing size, she went through ( along with other “helpers” and “shoppers”) and pulled ALL the 6 months stuff for me. The cutest things ever I got 8 short 8 tops and 8 overalls !! So when I get to the cash it gets better… The manager was like im SO excited for you and you’re so sweet I just have to give you 20% off everything – YUP! So I paid like 2.30 a piece for all that stuff WHAT A DEAL!! It was a really fun experience.

The other thing that was fun (dont forget I’ve been in the house for like 3 weeks) was the comments from people.  The “wows” and “ohhs” and “awws” over the belly. People (like everyone) say wow you must be about to pop any second, towards the end of my trip, I learnt to just say “yup I’m due tomorrow” instead of getting into it with them 😛

Despite all this good. And it is good – I am a little worried. I mean we’re just about at 30 weeks we have some 3.5lbs in there which is all good – but I want to keep going ( I can’t believe I just wrote that lol ) … and Im afraid the “end’ is coming near. The babies have dropped BIG BIG BIG BIG time so much infact – ok this is gross – but when I look in the mirror and Im naked I can no longer see my vajayjay – it hangs that low – oh god, I just thought about post pregnancy belly – PLASTIC SURGEN NOW PLEASE! .. Anyways it’s super mega low. AND I have totally different symptoms now – Like nesting HUGE all I do is organize and clean and prepare. (and maybe shop!) … Next milestone is 2 more weeks 32 lets see if I can do it.

Now – speaking of my vajayjay and you may want to NOT READ this part – but the lawn around the house is getting pretty over run if you know what I mean. It’s been about 4 months since I’ve been able to do any sort of maintenance and BOY is it showing. It’s obviously not logistically possible for me to trim the yard so I need to put Keith in charge of that ( and for whatever sick reason he is EXTREMELY up to this yard contract)…anyways I dont trust him. I dont trust anybody infact coming towards my precious lawn with a hatchet. …. But Im going to have to bite the bullet and get er’ done – hope with me that blood is not shed EEEK that’d hurt!

Other great thing – our torrent is SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! … Im so relieved.. You see we dont have the “car capacity” in 1 car to transport our entire family – so we really needed to get rid of it so we could buy something …. enormous. And we did – with not much time left – but it’s sold! I can’t wait to get our Denali – yupppiee!!!

Anyways massive long blog – sorry – Today I’m picking up Brad from school – for the first time ( ya that’s how good I feel ) I’m really excited about it!! 🙂 OHHH and the nursery – oh my god. Wait until I post pics when it’s finished – GORGEOUS!


29 weeks pregnant!!

29 weeks pregnant!!

2 Responses to “33 days – WOW!”
  1. Kerri-Lyn says:

    You are so adorable! Go team go!! 😀

  2. Lisa C says:

    Good job! =)

    I had a quick hedge trim done before I was being rolled in for my c-sections. Nurses did a great job. 😉 Just a thought for ya.

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