35 days left…

I never knew it would be this rough. I want to cry. It’s such a double edged sword, I want them OUT because Im so sore so uncomfortable but at the same time I want to give them the best chance at life. I try to remind myself that 35 more days of personal hell is better than a life time illness in the baby… Must,Keep,Going…

So why the complaining well… SLEEP, lack of sleep. The babies are positioned in a way that allows for ZERO comfort when sleeping. When I lay on my back ( ya ya I know your not supposed to ) I feel like there’s a 500lb dead body on me and I can’t breath – mega claustrophobia sets in. If I lay on my right side I can feel myself crushing Lauren who occupies my ENTIRE right side she’s so far over infact her feet are on my hip bone. If I lie on my right – which seems like the logical choice because it’s empty over there it hurts because I can feel all the weight of 3 babies crushing me. NOT fun. And I couldn’t even sleep on my stomach if I tried. That in combination with contractions that wake me up about 3 times a night and bathroom trips every 2 ( 3 at most) hours…there is no point in sleeping. So this morning I have been awake since 2am I have just given  up on sleep. I hate to complain but MAN I had no idea it would be this rough.

So there is something I find cool about this pregnancy is their weight. As mentioned before they are supposed to gain 1 oz a day – That means right now Alanna and Lauren are about 3.5lbs and Ben is about 3lbs. I know they have gone on a HUGE growth spurt. I can tell by a) my hunger and b) my weight last 2 weeks (from 26-28 weeks) I never went on a “massive hunger binge” and I only gained 3lbs in 2 weeks so I knew there wouldn’t be a huge weight gain and there wasn’t… but this week WATCH out! I can tell there has been a huge weight gain from allll babies The hunger has been out of control… Like I have HAVE to eat a meal at midnight,  a MEAL and I’ve had some good weight gain, about 3lbs in one week – I like that … grow babies grow!! I’m so anxious for my next ultrasound to see how big they actually are…Alanna and Lauren should be creeping on 4lbs. WOWZER!.. I always said I’d quit once they are all over 4lbs 😛 .. My clothing I bought them starts at 5lbs so they’re just about ready to meet their wardrobe! 😛

I wanted to post a picture of a 3.5 lbs baby but maybe it’s not appropriate to steal someone elses google photos lol.. so go ahead google in and wonder with me how the hell do they all fit inside me?!?!? I just dont get it – I’m not a very tall girl.. dang it!


OH OH OH! The nursery should be done by sunday watch for the pictures — it’s AMAZING!


PS I feel the need for a belly pic this afternoon 😛

2 Responses to “35 days left…”
  1. LisaM says:

    Bridgey, Hang in there, I hate to tell you this, but the next weeks, however short or long they will be, will get even harder. I know that just sucks, and it will seem like forever for the days to pass. Good for you for being such a good mamma for those new little ones! You are strong and you can make it to whenever they decide to come! How is IVF.ca/forums? I haven’t been on there in forever!

    • 4under4 says:

      Omigosh, Lisa! I had no idea you read my blog – yay!

      Your “triplet journey” has been a MAGA inspiration to me, I faithfully read your blog – and usually read it to my husband too. Your pregnancy was great and your babes are perfect – I hope I’m following in your path! I remember way back when you said “I knew it would be triplets!” and sure enough it is! Thanks for following my pregnancy too – I’m so excited to meet them!

      I’m still an ivf.ca junkie – I can’t seem to peel myself away? Same ol’ same ol’ !

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