Gut Feeling..

So – things have smoothed over with Keith and I – they always do -we’re not fighters, or well Keith isn’t lol – I just feel so unprepared so disorganized but really what can you expect when you’re expecting triplets right?


So I have this feeling and I dont want to type it because I dont want it to be true… But I have a feeling they are coming soon. Like within a week or so. Today has been another day of massive contractions – infact as I write this i’ve had 4 contractions in just over 30 minutes – NOT GOOD. I may have to make a trip into the assessment unit – although I dont want to – I dont want to be in the hospital GAH!.. But these babies feel so big. I think each one is defiantly at 3lbs or more now which in all honesty for triplets isn’t THAT bad. And truth be told, as much as I love to wear heels to appear taller – Im just not. A 5’3 girl doesn’t have to a whole heck of a lotta room in her uterus. I carried Brad until he was 6lbs I’m now wayyyy over that with all the stuff in there.. anyways positive thinking 34 weeks – but intuition tell me otherwise. I’ve also had MEGA “nesting” I’ve now done the complete shuffle over from “summer/fall” clothes for Brad – what a job!


Short blog – but please keep your fingers crossed – after Sunday we’re all good – just let me make it to sunday ( 30 weeks)

2 Responses to “Gut Feeling..”
  1. Kerri-Lyn says:

    Now I’ll try my magic wand… CONTRACTIONS GO AWAY… BABIES STAY PUT… poof!

    let me know of it worked!


  2. Kate says:

    Hope they stay tight till after 30 weeks!
    Can’t believe your DH – just wait till he sees the crap all over the floor when you’re dealing with the babies!
    You will have time to get the loose ends tied up when the babies are in the NICU though. Hope he can take some time off (even a week or two of unpaid leave?) when they come home.

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