I’ll take some bree with my wine please…

No – not because of bedrest or the triplets – but because of my husband. And I can write this because he doesn’t even read my blog ( jerk)

So this blog is more of a rant then anything really so feel free not to read if you dont feel like offering up some cheese for my wine.

I’m just so so frustrated with him – I know he’s frustrated with me because I’m not able to do anything  – but really I’m not the one who got us into this “mess”, I’m totally fertile I wasn’t up for having triplets or carrying them thanks to IVF but I am – and Im here and I can’t help it – just like I can’t help the fact that my pelvis is broken so I can barely walk – it’s not – my – fault.

What set me off this morning to type this. Ok so maybe it’s gross but I FORGOT. You see I usually fall asleep about 9pm and wake about 7am that’s 10 hours I have to pee AT LEAST ever 2-3 hours per night, that’s about 4-5 trips to the bathroom EVERY SINGLE night – it’s not fun I hate it. It’s hard enough to get out of bed on my own, let alone when Im half asleep. SO I’m guilty of not flushing after every pee – I try to keep myself in a “sleep” state as I wonder to the bathroom and so I’m human I forget to flush sometimes. WELL –  didn’t I get to hear his rant about that this morning, well Im so friggen sorry I make about 130 night time trips to the bathroom a month and SOMETIMES I forget to flush, GAH!

Then the other thing – “ohh I dont have any vacation time so I’m not taking time off when their born”… well HELLLLLO I have a preschooler AND I’m having triplets AND Im having major abdominal surgery ( c-section) to get these babies out and after 5 days I dont think I’m going to be capable of “handling” everything on my own. Especially if ( and likely ) the babies will be in the NICU. GAH!

And another thing….PROCRASTINATION….we have about 35 days MAX until the babies are here probably more like 20 days until there here and we still have a TON of stuff to get and things do to – but mr. la di da thinks we’re just fine. We dont even have friggen mattresses yet….blood is boiling. Also I’ve paid of everything so far except for 6 cases of formula and 1 swing…ya now im super poor.

Last thing I’m obviously getting organized because we are having THREE babies – so I made us some schedules so we can keep track of whos ate, whos pooped, whos gotten the boob and so on – theres no way we can remember that all on our own – and he looks at me like “why the F did you make those” … He has NO IDEA that we’re having three babies I swear someone has forgotten to give him the memo.

OKOK one last thing, (I seem to be on a roll) he has this FRIGGEN obsession with picking weeds (WTF?) – like constantly well our yard is an absolute DISASTER with toys EVERYWHERE, of course I should be picking them up ( note sarcasm) well with almost 10lbs of baby plus tons of other junk in me and a broken pelvis Im not really up to the task but yet allllllllll night he can pick these fucking weeds and not clean up our yard…BUT I spilled some crumbs onto the floor this morning and I couldn’t bend down to sweep it up – WELLL that was then end of the world….


PHEW that feels better – maybe bedrest is getting to me? LOL – but if sure felt good to get that out. 


He’s defiantly not the WORST husband – he is TRYING to accommodate the fact that I’m pretty much disabled – but he expects WAYYY to much of me. The other day when the  spoke with the head of neonatal explained to him the risks involved with me delivering early ( from straining myself too much ) he was extremely helpful for like a week after that – but I think he’s forgotten, maybe I should send him back there….


5 Responses to “I’ll take some bree with my wine please…”
  1. Sandi's Paul says:

    Hiya Brigitte,

    Don’t want to make light of this, but a laugh might help.

    Weed picking is genetic, and it falls on the Y-chromosome. Many men have this obsession. Just come over to see Sandi and look at my lawn.

    Maybe he’s just trying to get in a few more weeks of “me” time before the little ones come? Not so sure of what to say about not taking time off though…

    • 4under4 says:

      Thanks Paul!!

      i dont know if you were making light of the situation by saying it falls on the Y-chromosome, or if I’m highly gullable – but I actually believe you – there should be a study out there to prove it because it’s crazy – you men are crazy – It’sweeds WHO CARES …lol – although i guess your weed compulsion ( that doesn’t sound good lol) is like our shopping compulsion.. … fair enough! 🙂

  2. Kerri-Lyn says:

    Ah Bridgey, I feel so bad for you!! Men are just DUMB! Plain and simple! Find a bootcamp for expecting-triplet-dads to send him to 🙂 I wish I was closer to help you out! I’ve tried tapping my shoes together to transport there but it doesn’t seem to be working.

  3. Rosa says:

    I could have written this blog entry. It amazes me that husbands are all alike! Unbelievable.

    I gained 60 lbs with a singleton and my baby was 9.5 lbs, I had terrible swelling and at the end, had to stay home because I couldn’t find a pair of shoes that would fit me. My husband also thought I should do housework, and I too spilled something on the floor and he had a fit.

    I strongly recommend the tracking of pees/poos and feedings. I do that now and I just have a singleton. It helps to keep me organized and they gave us copies of a sheet we could use at the hospital where I delivered.

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