Getting Ready… More of a list than a blog

Alright, so to feel prepared I need a list ( ok I know most of you who know my over ogranizing self are probably laughing) but I need this – and I was going to do it on paper just for myself but I though – why not capture it!

What we have

  • Stroller (Thank you in-laws!)
  • 3 cribs ( thank you mom and dad!)
  • clothing from 0-3months for all the kids
  • Diapers enough for newborn and size 1 ( thank you mom!)
  • Enough wipes ( Thank you harry!)
  • 3 bouncy chairs
  • 3 swings (Thank you Bronia!)
  • 2 bumbo chairs w/ trays
  • Playpen  ( thank you Cheryl!!)
  • Room decals
  • Bedding
  • Monitor
  • All bathing / safety/ health supplies


What we need – within like 30 days

  • 3 car seats ( thank you in laws!!)
  • 3 matresses – I want to go organic for this – none of the plastic sprayed stuff
  • Change table
  • Change table pad
  • Bottles and all feeding supplies ( bottles, pump, storage bags, b/f’ing pillow)
  • Baby Hats


I think that’s it?!….Let me know if i’m missing anything – I feel like such a scatter brain – I dont feel like I have enough stuff?

I just keep thinking – wow I can’t believe I’m  having a baby – let alone 3 – are they crazy – will they really let me walk away from the hospital with a preschooler and THREE babies?!

One Response to “Getting Ready… More of a list than a blog”
  1. Leanne says:

    Preemie clothing.

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