28 weeks OB appointment ( 42 days to go!)

Wow. Wow. Wow. – And a wee bit more WOW!


So good news first – my cervix still at an astonishing 5cms – and I say astonishing because I most folks there tell me they’ve never seen a 28 weeker (with trips) have a super long and super closed cervix like mine – so these babes aren’t falling out anytime soon. Despite all the contractions my cervix doesn’t care it’s staying long and closed – GO CERVIX GO!!!!

More good news – all my blood results are perfect – in fact my iron is actually going up ( ODD?! ) but perfect !! I have no signs of toxima everything is gold. Blood pressure is still 100/60 we’re rocken and rollen.

Babes are doing GOOD. – not as perfect as I would like them ( but I tend to over achieve as they say).

Alanna ( baby A) is out little heifer she’s just about 3lbs (2lbs 15oz to be exact 1 0z away!) and she’s in the 75th percentile – she gained about 13oz in 2 weeks

Lauren ( baby C) had a HUGE growth spurt ( for her ) – way to go girl – he’s 2lbs 10oz she gained 9 oz – in 2 weeks

Benjamin ( baby B) he’s lagging behind – the poor girls are stealing from him, he’s 2lbs 8oz which in all honesty isn’t AT ALL bad – it’s average the girls are just little heifers, BUT the issue was he only gained 5oz in 2 weeks, that being said it could have just been the way he was lying so the way he got measured – but there not at all concerned (only I am of course because Im the mommy)… he’s weight is still fine and he’s on track to be 7.5lbs baby if he was born full term so that’s not at all of a concern – so we’ll see what the next appointment brings…

That being said – I’ve been given a get outta jail free card for the next 2 weeks – HURRAY!!! After that though I will have to go in every.single.week. BAH!!


We have a date!

OCTOBER 14TH 2009 — 42 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so excited, I can’t believe we have a date – I feel like sending out a “save the date” card to everyone we know lol!!.. I wanted to go beyond 34 weeks, and so my OB said he made this “exception” I’m sure he’s more joking than not but Oct 14th puts me at 34 weeks 2 days … haha!….I really wanted him to let me go to 36 weeks but he says they’ll be too big by that point and they’ll actually be BETTER off outside me – so I’ll take his word – he knows best! There are a few things that could screw us up though

a) I go into preterm labour on my own before that date ( which for some reason I dont think will happen) I can do it 42 days is nothing! – Dont you just love my confidence lol, it’ll be hell is what it is but it’s sooo worth it

b) My water breaks – also doubt this will happen, didn’t with 1st pregnancy but ya never know – I think if anything  willstop us it’ll be this

c) I develop pre eclampsia or toxemia – not likely very looooww blood pressure so Im good

d) One kid gets “screwed” as my ob says of food ( ie Benjamin) and we have to deliver because leaving them all in there risks that one will die – this COULD happen, crossing my fingers otherwise

e) Actually that’s it – that’s enough. lol –

So there you have it …. 42 days I can do it! Deliver me some nice 4-5lbs triplets!! YAY!!!!

Oh and the word on CONTRACTIONS…..Apparently Im suffering from some pretty nasty braxton hicks – As long as there is no pattern – Im good to go – because the contractions aren’t affecting my cervix I can contract away …Great!

Anyways Overall very good appointment very excited to know my babies probable birthday – and very excited to meet them, only 42 more sleeps! WOWZER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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