Whoot Whoot 28w2days

I’m so excited things are going BETTER!!! Much better.

I would say yesterday I had maybe 5 contractions the entire day, this is GOOD news! Stay put babies, I’ve also regained my confidence to make it to AT LEAST 32 weeks. That’s only 27 days, I find looking at days not weeks makes it seem much more achievable – so 27 days.


we can do this!

Today was Brads first day back at Montessori school – he seemed really excited to go back, which is a huge switch from last year where he was not at all interested and cried every single day. I’m hoping he likes it – he’s signed up for 2 months 1/2 days – and if he likes it we’ll somehow scrape up the moula  and send him there for the rest of the year – fingers crossed!

Tomorrow’s a big day. OB appointment – get to see my babinos  – see their weights ( I hope it’s near the 3lbs mark!) and see my cervix (drumrolll…) I hope it’s held up through all these contractions! So watch tomorrows post! I dont think that they’ll keep me in the hospital – which is GREAT news – but we’ll see – we’ll take it as it comes – for the next 27 days.

The babies hiccups have gotten CRAZY – at any given moment at least one baby has hiccups – I’m told it’s a really good thing – so hiccup away babes!

I’m feeling great so far! I miss blow drying my hair and getting all dressed up and pretty – the pj / ponytail lifestyle is getting to me – but I feel great inside so that’s what really matters right now 🙂

AND I have a hair appointment scheduled for Oct 5th which would put me at just about 33 weeks – so I’m holding onto that hope!


Stay posted for tomorrow!!!!!

2 Responses to “Whoot Whoot 28w2days”
  1. Kerri-Lyn says:

    27 more days!!! Woohoo!!! We should be doing or will have just done ET in that time!

    • 4under4 says:

      Done ET – oh gosh I feel so out of your loop – are you not blogging anymore? I can’t seem to find them ( although I’m not “all there” right now..that may be why)

      This better work for you … imagine i can bring the triplets to your baby shower LOL!!!

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