For whatever reason today I feel like “reflecting”.

IVF was such a hard long road for us, and sometimes I still can’t believe that I’m pregnant ( let alone with triplets)… I still have many friends in the “ivf community” who are still struggling to get pregnant, stay pregnant or find the right “cure” and it breaks my heart. Infertility is such a robber. He robs you of hope, robs your of your relationships, your social life and your finances. I still can’t believe we had to do 3 full cycles of IVF before actually getting pregnant. I’m a pretty “proud” person so I never let the public know how much it tore apart our family but it did. The building blocks have already been put back together but there were nights were Keith and I would cry wondering …. what are we going to do next?… What’s that “next step”… will we ever have our dream of having a family?..Why is everyone else pregnant?…. Where will we get the next 20K to cycle again?… Can I afford to take MORE time off work?… The only thing IVF leaves you with is piles and piles of questions.

I know every mother truly loves her child. Because I’ve had the opportunity to have a child “naturally” – but the love that stems from an IVF pregnancy is truly different. I dont think anyone in the world really understands the miracles that are born to them unless you had to WORK to get the miracle to come to you. It was such a long journey and I’m so happy we never gave up despite all the hurt – and that we’re finally able to complete our family – and I just wish that everyone was able to be successful on their first try ( or without trying for that matter)… Anyways all that to say – IVF and infertility SUCKS, and I’ll never forget how I got from “there” to “here” .

On another note – Im getting restless. I have one week of “house/bed arrest” under my belt and Im starting to get fidgety – I want to SHOP. I never realized how much of a shopping addict I was/am… I love it – and I miss it …. And I want to go outside and play. BUT it’s alll worth it – I just need to forget my existence for the next little while and incubate – and so Im doing it.

I have a little prediction – …

We have an ultrasound scan on Wednesday, and the babes should be about a few oz short of 3lbs each. (MADNESS!!)…..From this point forth if they are growing appropriately they should average a gain of about a 1/2 lbs every week –

I know I can make it another 2 weeks before giving birth – I wont give up, these babies aren’t coming out for at least another 2 weeks, which puts me at 30 weeks – at which point they’ll be 4 lbs each. I’m pretty okay with delivering 30 week 4lbs triplets….

BUT lets just say in 2 weeks I think I can squeeze in another 2 weeks, ( total of 4 more weeks)..I know it’s pushing it but it just MIGHT happen, that would put me at 32 weeks which is very ideal for baby to be born and they would be 5lbs each….That’s a whole lotta baby!!…

I think I’ll make it about another 3 weeks – and I think they’ll be between 4lbs and 41/2 lbs each – we’ll see what happens. 

I just can’t imagine coming home one day with triplets……..Where do you start? What do you do?….ohhh it’ll be fun!

One Response to “IVF…”
  1. Megan says:

    I could not imagine how excited, scared, nervous and wonderful it would be to bring home a new baby, let alone 3!!! I really wished you lived closer, because I would come and cook dinner and help you out.

    The reflections are wonderful in so many ways, you are right, once you achieve pregnancy, after everything we have gone through it makes you appriciate it just that little bit more 🙂

    Thanks again for the support…

    I pray those babies stay in as long as possible 🙂

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