Hospital Discharge – 27 weeks

Well as most of you know I was admitted into the hospital Monday afternoon – while I was there I was without internet access so I typed up a blog and I am posting it now as I waitted to be discharged… Here it goes…


Alright, so I figure a short version play by play would probably be the easiest way to give everyone the details on what exactly brought me from top of the word pregnancy to an admission into high risk monitoring.


So I’ve blogged or complained to most of you about the horrible pelvic pain I feel – which is caused by this “breaking pelvis” thing, it got to the point on Monday morning where I was just crying 24/7 because of the pain. I was also having some mild contractions so I called my OB – he was actually quite ticked that when I had called regarding the pain over the weekend that they basically told me to “suck it up” he ordered me to come in STAT.


So with that we stopped everything mid-day and came in. What they found at first was what we already knew – the pelvic bone is split and that causes pain… however that pain is also a sign of preterm labour – bells go off.


SO – they decided to do one of those fancy tests that’ll tell you if you’re going into labour within the next 17 days – This test like I said before involved going behind your cervix and getting a “sample”…well when you’re pelvis is broken and they’re sticking a speculum up to your cervix and you have 3 babies pushing down it hurts to high heaven.


I just couldn’t do it. So they loaded me up with laughing gas…funny no? I thought laughing gas would actually make me laugh. I didn’t not at all, infact I hated it. But it worked and we got the sample and it was negative PHEW.


However, because of triplets, being 27 weeks and having this pain they wanted to keep me over night for assessment – hardest night of my life. I have NEVER in the 3.5 years that Bradley has been on this earth slept away from him…I cried forever. Like a baby. I couldn’t even say goodbye to him, I’m still swelling with tears as I write this.


They also started me on steroids to help the baby’s lung mature just in case. This involves 4 needles every 12 hours in the hip – after all the IVF needles really it wasn’t so bad, if I can say I walked away with any self improvements after IVF it was my dropped fear of needles!


Anyways – it was a good thing they kept me overnight, around 3 I started getting some pretty serious contractions so I called the nurse in…usually my “minor” contractions are around 40, these were hitting high 60s so they were quite strong, and I was having about 7 an hour – for 3 hours. More concern.


However at around 6am they stopped. But they weren’t totally happy with it, so they ordered an emergency ultrasound to check blood flow to the babies, babies well being and of course the good ol’ cervix.


The ultrasound was FANTASTIC my cervix was still a super friggen sexy 5cms long and closed and the babies were BETTER than could be expected, infact she noticed them breathing in BIG BIG breaths on the screen which normally isn’t seen this early but it shows a great sign of maturity and fetal health – way to go babies, im SO proud of them.

SO given that the contractions have pretty well stopped, ( I have about 2 an hour which is OK they said ) The cervix is good, the babies are good and the FTn tests shows no sign of preterm labour for the next 2 weeks – I was allowed to go home….well it wasn’t THAT easy they wanted me to stay another night – but if you know me – you know that I’m home tonight. I’ll come back if I need them.


I’m still not on hospital bed rest ( HURRAY) not on complete bed rest, but on “modified” bedrest. Which basically means any sorts of shopping is OUT, any sort of say umm Brittney Spears concerts are also out (lol)… What I am allowed is 2 trips up the stairs per day that’s it. I’m allowed to cook/reheat LIGHT meals, Shower and use the washroom and that’s about it. I can sit I don’t have to lie, because they’re not really worried about the cervix more about the contractions.


SO I have a big strong cervix – big deal?.. Well I finally really learned what it means. Basically as the uterus stretches to capacity it pulls the cervix with it – which thins the cervix. BUT in may case despite having some sexy big babies I have a “big condo” …really I do there has been zero stretch of my cervix which means that the babies still have a ton of room to grow, which means getting some 5-6lbs babies outta this pregnancy doesn’t have to be a problem. What we do need to watch for are these involuntary contractions which are probably caused by too much activity ( ummm me – no way!) So we need to put a halt on those – so I agree for the next 7 weeks to do nothing but incubate these babies!


But this visit has provided as a BIG wake up call to me – but especially to keith who is now totally onboard with me doing nothing ( finally ) I no longer have to drive and pick up brad or watch him, he’s going to help out big time – he realizes now that I have to be on bed rest and I think that’ll make getting through these next few weeks much … MUCH easier for me!


Great part of the visit was that the head of neo natal intensive care came to meet with us and talk about our “plan”. Basically if I deliver within the next 2 ½ weeks which is extremely highly unlikely he wants me to report to the general hospital ( not the civic where I am currently cared for) as they have a more specialized intensive care unit. – BUT we’re getting to AT LEAST 30 weeks ( which is in 2 ½ weeks…because I’m determined) so I can deliver here and he can care for our babies – because I LOVED this knowledgeable.


He brought up tons of a great insight and shared SO much wisdom with me, I will post more about what will happened with him in tomorrows blog. Everyone though kept stressing we have BIG babies, ALL babies are healthy and I have a strong cervix with lots of room to keep going, so these babes have a SUPER chance at everything. He said quite a few times bigger babies = healthier babies. Given that our babes are in the 70th/ish percentile for SINGLETONS they rock…and being 2.5lbs this weeks is GREAT news!


Anyways – I’m happy the babies are still inside me, each day counts. Each day offers them millions of more opportunities… and really it is each day.


So I’m happy they’re still on board, and my positive attitude it right on board as well – we’re getting to 34 weeks, and when I get there despite my OB wanting to deliver… I’m pushing 36 baby!

2 Responses to “Hospital Discharge – 27 weeks”
  1. Kerri-Lyn says:

    I’ve pasted a yay for your everywhere now I think! YAY!!! Keep it up mamax4!

  2. Karolyn says:

    Glad to read all is OK….phew!!! Way to go team!!!

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