They’re Here…

Nope – not the babies. Stretch marks. YUCK

It’s not noticeable to anyone other than me, but I found 2 little wee red marks, which I’m assuming is stretch marks. Did I honestly think with triplets I wouldn’t get stretch marks? Well at the beginning I was CERTAIN that they were coming, but now at 27 weeks ( oh ya by the way I hit 27 weeks YAY!!!) …I thought I could escape them, realistically we have between 3-7 weeks until they are born – I was REALLY hoping I could escape them, but alas they’ve shown their ugly scaring.  Ahhh well I’ll take all the pain and the bruises for them if they can just come home healthy!

So the broken pelvis has really but a STOPto me. Which I’m having a hard time accepting. Yesterday I went out for breakfast with Sandra ( thank you for the sanity saver!) but I was stuck in the house ALLLLLLL day. It’s really hard, I just want to go out and do stuff, I want to organize the house, I want to bake, I want to stock pile meals in our freezer, I want to go swimming, I want I want I want lol! But really it’s hard to just sit here, really just sit here. I am so caught up on everyones life via on line social networking sites it’s pathetic, I could probably write blogs FOR my friends because I know so much about them, because I have nothing else to do but mindlessly surf the net. And the worse part is I dont FEEL sick, I just can’t move – that’s the harder part – so of course I push myself and a came close to falling a few times over the past day or so, so I know now it’s time to stop….In a way I wish they’d lock me in a hospital room and the world would forget about me for 7 weeks while I just incubate – but that’ll never happen.

 I’ve inclosed  a diagram to give you an idea of what’s going on inside me


Pelivc Area – If you look at the Symphsis Pubis that is the area of my pelivc bone that has actually SPLIT open. So the bones basically float around freely


I’ve also fallen in love with the babies. WEIRD – I know, but before I was always like…well you know often it happens with higher order multiples that one may pass away, and if that happens to us I’m completly prepared for it. Well now I’m not. Not the slightest bit. I’m so attached to these little beans that I just dont know what I’d do. I use to think SHIT we’re having 3 kids, I always wondered how I’d love another child besides Bradley now I’m supposed to split my love FOUR ways? Is that even possible – but now I know it is. Each morning about 10 -15 minutes after I wake up I feel the babies start to wake up, the twist they turn they rub my belly from the inside and one by one I tell them how much I love them and how excited I am to take them to 34 weeks so that they’ll be nice and healthy – I’m SO  in love with them, I dont know what I’d do if something ever happened to them.

Just to show you how paranoid I was at the beginning I bought TONS ( way to many ) clothes for them, but I had kept all the tags on and all the receipts, just in case. Well yesterday I took the tags off and threw out the receipts, that was a big step for me. I want all of these babies to come home with me.

Now just because I’ve discovered this glorious love for them, doesn’t mean Im not resentful. I’ve started having a wee bit of resentment towards “normal” folks. Especially pregnancy complainers. At a baby shower this past weekend someone came up to me and said…ohhh honey I know what you’re going through….WTF??? You know what I’m going through? Have you had THREE babies (aka parasites as my OB calls them because they litterally suck everything out of you) Do you really know what Im going through, that pisses me off. And then theres the fact that normal pregnant people can just walk around an la-di-da through their day – that also pisses me off. Each step I take is like doing 50 squats – it’s hard. It’s all totally worth it , but I am just a wee bit bitter against the “normal pregnant woman”. And if you’re a “normal” pregnant woman reading this – no no no it’s not you – it’s just in general, it’s more just me being pissed off at myself for not being able to do stuff….


So where are we at this week….

2 1/2 lbs of baby X’s 3 = 7.5lbs of baby

1.5 lbs of placenta X’s 3 = 4.5lbs of placenta

2.5lbs of Amniotic fluid Xs 3= 7.5 of amniotoic fluid

Increase of apprx 6lbs of uterus

Totals =25.5 lovely pounds inside my uterus

Average =8.5 lbs

Total of an additional 17lbs INSIDE my uterus….no wonder my poor poor pelvis has given out.


The SpoOkY part is – in 2 weeks they start gaining 1/2 lbs each PER WEEK….that’s an additional 1.5lbs added to that lovely 25lbs number PER WEEK

Can I really do this?… I think I can.. I think I can … I think I can… ( for any of you who know that book the train who thought he could, it give me a whole new reason to read it to brad every night)


I think I can I think I can!!!

One Response to “They’re Here…”
  1. Kerri-Lyn says:

    I know you can I know you can…

    Go team bridgey! If I had my emoticons here I’d add a dancing banana and a cheerleader for you!

    XO KL

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