26 week update

Okay that’s it. I want a trophy… A BIG ONE!

Our appointment was FANTASTIC you have no idea how excited, happy and relieved I am right now – way to go team us! Apparently my body was DESIGNED to carry babies – multiple babies all at once lol! The looks I get from folks ( drs, nurses, u/s techs) when they see my results are GREAT people think it’s just amazing and nobody knows how Im doing it BUT I AM!!!

Okay so the figures…..Apparently our babies realize that they are going to be born early and have decided to pack in the weight! They all hover around the 70th percentile for SINGLETON weight, which is incredible for triplets. An average singleton at this point would weigh about 1.7lbs – our babes are all around 2.2lbs – MADNESS! These are BIG BIG babies the u/s technician said. They are all within 1oz of each other as well, which is fantastic – often 1 triplet or more will thrive while the brother or sisters lag behind, but we have 2.1 ( Lauren),2.2 (Alanna) and 2.3 ( Benjamin) !! So this is FANTASTIC news! There is 10% margin of error in these scans, so they’re all about the same.

After our ultrasound comes the trans labial (= vaginal scan basically) to determine the cervix length, the U/S technician was a little worried to do this she said because a) they all have “normal/high” amniotic fluid (read HEAVY) and they EACH have a placenta ( read HEAVIER) and they’re all big babies (read HEAVIEST!!!)….HOWEVER…she was completely blown away -I thought she was going to cry …Cervix is still gorgeous at 5cm. WHOLLY COW!….These babies are staying in for AT LEAST another 2 weeks!!! HURRAY!

As for me, I passed all my blood work with FLYING colours…It’s something like 80% or higher the chance of getting gestational diabetes because I have not one but three placentasinterfering with insulin production  but guess what PERFECT..not even close to having diabetes, AND most like 90+% of triplet moms become anemic (lack of iron) PASSED!!!! Blood pressure, still super low and very minimal swelling WHOOP WHOOP!!! 🙂 Im so excited right now!

The only bad thing, and it’s not bad it’s just a pain in the ass, well vagina I guess – is that hmmm I dont know how to describe this but your pubic bone meets in the middle of the top of your vagina and because of the weight my actual bone has split. This makes walking EXTREMELY difficult…but I’ll totally take a splitting pubic bone over a splitting Cervix, bring on the pain 😛

And still no bed rest 🙂


Ahhh Im so happy right now 🙂

OK there's one egg to many - but I thought it would do :)

OK there's one egg to many - but I thought it would do 🙂

3 Responses to “26 week update”
  1. Kerri-Lyn says:

    YAY YAY!! GO TEAM!! So happy for you!

  2. Karolyn says:

    Wooo!!! Hooo!!! That is amazing news!!!


  3. 'Dreaming' says:

    Such wonderful news, BP. Hang in there for another few weeks at least…let those endorphins pull you through the pain, lol! I know that my twins are starting to get painful now, so I can only imagine what you are going through. You are a real trooper!

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