Giving Thanks

I’m ultra appreciative of allll of the people who have come together to make this pregnancy work for me. There’s this saying – and Im not sure how it goes but something like it take a community to raise a child – well it’s true. This pregnancy has taken A LOT of help from A LOT of people to make it possible…..I’m really good at complaining and writing letters expressing my concern, disappointment or dissatisfaction – but I wanted to capture the gratitude today. So here it goes

Dr. Haebee without Dr. Haebee we very obviously wouldn’t be pregnant. I was a very impatient, possibly even unpleasant patient to treat, but he always came through for me. In the end he agreed to let me try what I wanted. Was it ethical to let a 25 year old prescribe her own fertility plan? Probably not, but he knew if he didn’t let me do it – I would keep complaining – so he did. And it worked. And I’m pregnant. And for that I’m SUPER grateful. It’s also Dr. Haebee who agreed to let me transfer 3 embryos, while other dr’s within the clinic said no – no – no. Was it wise? Maybe not, but we’re here at 25 and a bit weeks and we’re doing it – and the babes are good, so I’m VERY happy that we were given this opportunity.

My dad…. We couldn’t do it without him. About 2 months ago I gave up on doing groceries, and he picked up the slack (despite having to to do my uncles grocery run, my mameres grocery run AND his grocery run) – and he’s NEVER complained about it – well to me anyways, if it weren’t for him – I think these triplets would be on a take out pizza diet, because we’d have no food in the house! He’s also been very gernerous in providing meals, if you know me – you know my dads a great cook, and having a meal each week prepared by him has been a MEGA treat, it’s so nice! And then there’s Brad. One day a week he takes Brad out for fun activities ( experimental farm, midway, shopping, etc…) which means so much to me, because at this point the only fun I can provide Brad is sending him to a summer camp – and really he doesn’t find that all that appealing so that helps out. In addition he watched Brad when we have our obstetrical appointments – which are about 3 hours long – and would be a nightmare with him at the appointments!

My mom – Although she isn’t super close by, she makes a great effort to come down and help when she can.  She’s devoted many of her days off to coming here helping me tidy up the house, cook and take care of  Brad. She played a really big role in the infertility process as well, always listening and trying to understand what was happening and trying to encourage me. She’s also bought us a crib, clothes diapers – and Im sure that list wont end there! …She’s also my “coupon/flyer” watcher letting me know where the deals are and when to stock up on things. She also got me the scoop on Jean Couteaus $1500 gift certificate THANK YOU!!!!

Bradley – WHAT? He’s 3 why do I have to thank him? Although I hate being dragged around by him I think it’s all for the better. He keeps me going even when I just want to lye down and quit this whole pregnancy, he makes me laugh and takes care of me when I’m down like I ‘ve never seen a 3 year old do, he’ll rub my back, bring me things, and make funny faces to cheer me up. He’s also been so good at coming to “emergency” hospital visits and waitting sometimes HOURS in a tiny room all for the sake of his little brother and sisters, I really REALLY appreciate having such an awesome 3 year old.

Shapour –  Now I dont even know if Shapour knows what a blog is – so Imalmost positive he wont be reading this, but I have to add him to the list. Shapour is a mechanic / garage owner that Keith often deals with. He is ALWAYS fixing our cars for free and treats us WAY better then could be expected. I’ve probably only met shapour a dozen times, most of the times are dinners that he’s treating me to where he INSISTS “more wine Brigitte, more wine!” …and orders ENDLESS amounts of calamari, he’s an Iranian guy with the biggest heart you’ll ever walk by.

Godmother – having a godmother close to you is really like getting the benefits of having two mothers for the price of one. I’m super blessed to have a great godmother close by to me who helps me out all the time. Cheryl has been really interested in the pregnancy, calling to check in on me all the time, which is really nice because sometimes it gets lonely lying in bed for hours on end. She’s also beefed up her cooking skills 🙂 Because Im not always feeling so “hot” and Im not able to cook as much as I used to/ like to – Cheryl has whipped up some GREAT meals for us to keep on hand, I really appreciate that. She’s also scored us WAY more free baby stuff then could ever be imagined – lets just say Im close to the point of not ever needing to buy baby wipes for TRIPLETS – At 315 wipes a week – that’s  a lot of wipes!!!

My in- laws. Now both sides (father and mother) have been helpful – but a huge helping hand has come from Keiths dad. Infact 1 of our 3 IVF cycles wouldn’t have been possible without a small little loan ( that was quickly paid but but still it helped) …Also all the interest and support I was given from them through the IVF cycles, it really helps to have someone care about what you’re doing when you’re putting all your resources into something you care so much about – finally the purchase of the ….school bus on wheels?? (referring to triplet stroller) and 3 car seats – talk about a MEGA expense – we’re supper appriciative of the gift and all the support received.

Danielle K – Although we’re step – second once removed twice taken off 3 times added back somwhere along there cousins, she was sooo supporitve during our IVF cycles, offering encouragement, good vibes, and a listening ear, I really appreciated that and she stood out as that “stranger who gave her shirt off her back for me.” thanks!

Kerrilyn J – Talk about Internet dating lol – well that’s what I felt it was but in regards to IVF. We dont talk as much anymore but Kerrilyn and I exchanged – oh dear – probably well over 80 emails keeping each other busy, talking about IVF and encouraging one another, it was a really fun relationship to build, and with each passing IVF cycle for Kerri – although Imnot as active on the site anymore – I am her MEGA cheerleader, I can’t wait to go to her babyshower one day 🙂

Theres probably a MILLION other people who’ve helped me, encouraged me, supported us – through this IVF journey but I just wanted to get a few out there to let them know Im thinking about them, and what they’ve done has really touched me


One Response to “Giving Thanks”
  1. Kerri-Lyn says:

    OK… you have me bawling at work! lol. Even though we don’t chat as mush as we used to I think about you daily, and I’m always checking in here to see how you all are doing. THANK YOU for continuing to cheer me on!



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