So I honestly wish I’d have a “secret” camera to follow me around to capture the looks of folks who find out that Im having triplets – also to capture the comments of people…So I thought I’d blog a few of the reactions – I’ll try to update it as new comments come in…


My current favourtie is people saying “Oh you must be due any day now”….To which I respond – no not really I’m only due at the end of November – their faces drop and give that -open foot insert mouth look- when they realize – oh shit I’ve probably just really insulted this girl by calling her “huge”….I usually let them sweat it out for a couple of seconds and enjoy the reaction and then say – I’m this big because Im having triplets!..And then the comments start.

Here are the most common questions/comments:

“Are they natural”…. I get that one honestly at least 4 times a day, Sometimes I just feel like resorting to telling people ya Im due next week just to end the conversation. At first I was really open about sharing my experience and educating people on the aspect of IVF but now it’s become so annoying that I find it rude. I dont go up to some chick with big boobs and say “oh nice tits are they natural”….So why does someone have the right to ask me “are they natural”….If someone expresses that they know someone going through infertility or they’ve gone through it – then I’ll share, because we can learn from each other – but to nosy people I just say YES they’re natural. (We did it 3 times in one night – good thing he got tired after the 3rd round!)….

“Well at least it’s not 8” … I got that the other day from a cashier at toys R us – what a joke – I was just like YA good thing…moron.

“Oh poor you” …..This one actually came from a blood lab tech. I couldn’t believe it, I just looked at her and said, no this is the most exciting time of our lives.

“Do you have any other children?”…..I dont know why this always comes up – ?! – I suspect it’s tied into the “are they natural” comment….

“Do you have anyone to help you?”…. Read between the lines this person thinks your up shit creek without a paddle….YES I have people to help me…otherwise do you think I’d be out and about – I’d be home crying.

“How will you deliver them”….SUPER personal and REALLY weird…as if people ask this question, I dont get it too often but at least 7 times I’d say – I should carry fake invites to the birth and hand them out to people and say “well come one come all and see”.

“Do you know the sexes”….Fair enough question, I bet singletons get that often I’ve even been guilty of asking this one

“You look so healthy”….OKAY – this is the biggest one lately that I get ALL the time. I dont get it?.. What is a triplet mom supposed to look like? Sick?….I’m just a normal person. Maybe what my body is doing isn’t normal, but I treat my body well so why wouldn’t I look healthy?

“You’re not THAT big”….I dont know what they expect?…How big do you really think I can stretch – or what do people expect?…I never know how to answer this question…umm okay?!


Update Aug 13th:

A 8 year old passing by me in Brad summer camp just looks at my belly and goes “WOW”….It was really quite funny she was AMAZED

The biggest on for Bradley is “Are you having a brother or sister” .. He’ll say 1 brother and 2 sisters, and people just laugh it off like he has no idea what he’s talking about LOL

“Your walking around with the biggest miracle”….This was actually our dentist who said that who was SUPER fascinated by our pregnancy – I really liked this comment!


That’s the list for now -I’ll update it more as they come in lol….man some people are ODD!


As for me – Im good, I had a good weekend ( besides Friday)…Tomorrow I’m off to the dietitian, Wednesday I have a hair appointment and I hope to book a facial for Friday – so it’s a busy week ahead. They’re calling for lovely weather so I hope we can live in the pool for the most part of the week….Tomorrow I hope to get a “thank you” list going to all the people I want to thank…so watch for that 🙂

One Response to “Comments..”
  1. Gillian says:

    After they are born, I can’t wait for someone to ask you if they are identical – when it’s obvious that it’s two girls and a boy 🙂 I’ll bet ten bucks someone asks you that!

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