Assessment Unit – Again

24 weeks 6 days – Assessment Unit Trip… Why?

I really should have went during the night, but :

a) I felt bad waking up Bradley to go the hopsital for me

b) I couldn’t drive myself

 c) I’d be way to embarrassedto take an ambulance

d) I didn’t want to bother anyone.

S-T-U-P-I-D I know, but it’s the truth. I never would have thought having your 2 (and umm 3 and 4th) would be as challenging to juggle the “struggles” of pregnancy….. it wasn’t as if I could just pack up and go with Keith someone needed to stay here –

Anyways the problem started at 9pm, I started having contractions. They weren’t frequent enough to worry me too much but they were INSANE. I always say my labour withBrad wasn’t painful – (although other says I was in sheer pain) but THIS was pain. Have you ever seen a seal vac?…You know it sucks all the air out of a bag – that’s what my stomach was like. With each contraction my stomach would get so tight I could swear each baby was going to come right through my stomach, I was surprised I couldn’t see facial definitions that’s how “sucked in” it was. The contractions lasted from 9 until 230am. I’d fall asleep  between each one, but when a new one would come it would wake me up – it was horrible.

So I fell asleep around 3am for the last time and woke at 9am. From about 9-10 no babys had moved –  I know it’s only an hour – but that’s SUPER rare for my babies, they are in CONSTANT motion ( think 6 arms 6 legs 3 bodies that’s a lot of movement!) I decided to call the “pregnancy hotline” I have – which is godsend. It’s a direct line to a high risk nurse at the civic who’ll answer any questions any time – talk about helpful! So I called her – and she said to come in right away.

And so we did – funny story – they wanted to measure all 3 babies heart beats for about 30 minutes – they had to bring in an extra machine because their machines aren’t equipped to handle that many babies, we all had a good chuckle about that. Anyways – Lauren ( Charlie the busy one) was easy to find and started moving around quickly, Alanna was also found quickly and was okay – Ben on the other hand gave me a heart attack, they tried for what seemed like 30 minutes to find his heart beat ( it was really like 4 minutes) and the couldn’t find it – they kept picking up the other babies, but they found him in the end and to my relief he was perfect.

Next they did a quick ultrasound to double check everyones hearts-still looked okay !! However the babies have changed positions AGAIN – they are little acrobats! We now have Alanna laying transverse ( so left to right across my whole abdomen not up or down like normal babies) and she’s transverse across the bottom, Ben is transverse across the top and Lauren in breech on my left side – We really do have place for one more on my right it’s empty!! LOL!! Anyways the ultrasound was perfect.

Next it gets a little yucky. They wanted to test the liquid in my vagina to see if it was amniotic fluid or just good ol’ urine – they also wanted to make sure I didnt have group B strep ( a lovely stick in your bum AND vagina, how nice)… and another stick the fetal fibronectin (fFN) test. See this link to learn mor info on it:

In a nut shell the fFN test measures I protein found behind the cervix(ya that was fun to retrive..yuck!) which is only present before labour begins, so this test will tell you if you’re in labour or will go into labour. The test results are “valid” for 7 days ( being conservative) and up to 14 days ( for the optimists)… My assessment OB went with 7 days, but under theory its good up until 2 weeks. So we hung around the hospital for an hour while the results processed NEGATIVE! Thank god. No one can really explain why the I had the contractions I did last night – or why they stopped – but it must have been just false labour. Realistically Im only 5-9 weeks away from labour, most “normal” pregnancies will start to experience false labour and braxton hicks around this time – so it’s safe to say that’s probably what it was – just was more painful because of the amount of baby! … So I feel very excited to know that being at 25 weeks we have likely another 2 weeks to go guaranteed so that’ll put us at 27 weeks! My personal goal when I feel I can finally “let go” and not be worried is 30 weeks – so we’ll be close to it!!

As for the liquid – it wasn’t amniotic fluid – just a wee bit of urine – which is to be expected with three kids pressing on it!!

Anyways – that’s what happend at the hospital, we’re all good and clear. Everyone is quite impressed that I’m at 25 weeks with no bedrest – I even went up to the cottage and went fishing yesterday!…Lets hope I keep going – incubate babies incubate!

Oh one final thing, it’s interesting that I’ve been pregnant with a singleton before and can compair – it’s nothing the same. Right now someones foot is LODGE in between my ribs – it hurts so much that I can’t bend down, when i do I feel like the foot is actually going to peirce my heart! LOL!… I guess it’s just beacuse they’re so crowded!… Here’s another fun fact, next ultrasound in 1 weeks and 1 day  – they’ll be a tad over 2lbs each – MADNESS!!!! 🙂


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