Things went PERFECT at our ultrasound yesterday…

Yesterday marked 20 weeks and 1 days of pregnancy – the babes are doing perfect!!…Most texts quote the average singleton to weight 9oz by this point, our little heifers are a healthy 12-13oz EACH!….That’s 37oz or 2lbs1oz total of baby inside me – not to mention ALL the amniotic fluid ( they each have their own) all 3 placentas and whatever other junk is building up in there – Total weight wise Im equal to that of a 37 week preggo lady…MADNESS!!!


So – Here’s the break down for each baby


Baby A (Lauren Summer) she’s was always our smallest baby, infact in the beginning dr’s thought about “reducing” her ( abortion of one fetus) because they didn’t think she’d thrive..WELL that theory goes out the window – and thankfully we wouldn’thave anything to do with it because our Lauren is just perfect infact she’s the BIGGEST of the bunch – imagine!…Laurens heartbeat was around 155, she weighed in at 13oz (almost a lbs go girl go!!) and she’s positioned “transverse” so she’s taking up a ton of room


Baby B (Benjamin Albert) is also doing well he weighs in at 12oz and has a heart beat in the 150-160 range, he’s a quiet baby – active enough but not crazy like his twin sisters!! – He’s such a lazy bones we got to see him yawning several times!


Baby C (Hannah …??…) aka Charlie takes the cake with all the room, her head is actually IN my darn ribs, hence the MASSIVE amounts of pain, She’s also 12oz and same range 150-160 for heart rate…


All babies were checked for

– Heart Abnormalities

-Bladder Function

– Brain structures

– Kidney

-Sexual Organs

– Stomach

-> Everyone received an A+ Report…..


And here’s the breakdown for me

Everything is PERFECT!…To date…OB said Im not in “tiger country” yet, but Ive got a good running start….My blood pressure gave them quite a scare though … On my way into the hospital I had to pee like a MAD woman. And I can’t just stop anywhere because I have to provide a “sample” each visit…. WELL … I’ve never walked so fast in the last 4 months, needless to say when I got there my Blood Pressure was INSANE 145/80 – NOT SO GOOD,…I told her to re-check in 10-15 minutes when I was “back to normal” and she said ok – I didn’t think she believed me, but the results blew her away LOL

-Blood Pressure 100/60 WAY TO GO ME!!!

-Urine – perfect

-Cervix (our biggest concern) ….GET ready for this….4.9cms!!! YAY!! Anything over 3 is good…that’s sorta the muscle that holds the baby in – which keeps us from going into pre-term labour…FOUR POINT NINE!!!! I’m so happy….Im not too muscular anywhere else but my cervix sure thinks I’m a woman of steel – and for me that’s fine

– Everything else PERFECT


I got 2 pages of OB appointments …really all we do now is go to appointments, and each appointment is 4 hours – it’s madness but they take very good care of us and the babes…The only “thing” is that my placentas are infront of the babes…usually they are behind them, so when we do the C-Section there is a chance ( ok go grab a bark pail) that they might have to cut through each placenta to get to the baby EWWW!…But so far it doesn’t look like that is going to happen.

I’m really “fading” though, I can’t do much..ok ANYTHING. I just want to sleep eat and grow babies that’s about it. And really that’s all I do…I’ve taken to making suppers that we can basically eat every night for supper  – this week is Sheppard’s pie – which turn out absolutely amazing I might add, I used real corn on the cob an sliced it myself – DELICIOUS… i am having some serious lobster cravings though – so we’ll have to have a special night soon!

Everyone has been really generous with this whole triplet thing, I can’ t believe how supportive people are and generous – WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..

Side note – our damn fridge broke!..AGAIN…and it’s brand new….piece-a-junk!


I’ve inclosed a diagram of what the babes look like inside me – please feel free to contact me if you’d like me to do art work for you home business LOL!!




babes in ribs

IT’s cute, Lauren and Benajmin are literally “bum to bum” its cute to see them together and Hannah and Benajamin always rest their head on each other both in my right rib (thanks folks!)




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