1st Milestone!

Somewhere back in the blogs I’ve mentioned my major milestones – well today makes milestone # 1 that’s been accomplished!.. I’m at 20 weeks, if the trips were born now they’d have A chance of surviving… not much at all, likely 15-20% chance but it’s the first point of viability. My next milestone is the 24 week mark where they have a 50% chance…MUST get through these next 4 weeks.ย  Although we wont be totally “out of the woods” at 24 weeks I’ll begin to relax a little knowing we’ve made it that far.

The aches and pains of triplet pregnancy are still here, and new ones pop up everyday – currently dealing with massive amounts of insane heartburn. Im stubborn – I’ve been told you can take tums, but really I dont want to put anything ( other than sugar of course lol) into my body that doesn’t have to be there, Id rather deal with the pain/uncomfort of whatever I have then pass the little ones some medication. My current attack plan on my heartburn – water?.. LOL it just seems logical to me, something burns put water on it – so Im drinking water – we’ll see what happens.

I was out shopping the other day and met a girl who just had boy/girl twins. It was really refreshing to me how positive and pumped she was about the whole thing, she really seemed “under control”… I liked that. She also delivered at the same hospital I’ll be at and told me that they really ENCOURAGED breastfeeding – I thought that was fantastic…… Where do I stand with breastfeeding?… I’m sort of in the between stage – whatever works for you and your baby.

ย With Bradley I “tried” …not hard but I manged to feed him for about a month straight on breast milk and supplement boob/bottle for another 2 months, and then at 3 months – it was solely bottle. I didn’t really care much – but with these triplets I am DETERMINED to breastfeed, hopefully at least 80% of the time. We’ll see if Im able to? But it seems the hospital has the right staff, techniques and tips in place to help mothers of multiples breast feed. My major reason for breastfeeding is that A) these babes are going to be premature, so whatever “better” I can give them in terms of nutrition I want to, they need it and B) lets face it – feeding every 3 hours, with 3 babies, equals 24 bottles a day – that’d equal out to almost $500 a month for formula… MADNESS!!!….SO as a wise woman told me, these are no longer recreational boobies, they are now working boobies… AND when all is said and done – and I go for some “reconstruction”… common ladies, after 3 babies in there, some nicking and tucking WILL be required, I can justify it all because I saved us SO much on formula ๐Ÿ™‚

Wednesday marks my next ultrasound. I’m anxious to see everyone again and I’m praying that my cervix is still nice and long and closed…..STAY PUT BABIES!…..

Social Side Note: I’m a terrible friend these days. If you read this blog and have sent me numerous messages/voicemails I am still alive ( barely?!)…I just am totally incapable of doing any more than caring for these babies inside me and keeping up with a toddler who is VERY active so Im so so sorry I promise once I’m bouncing around again I will be a better friend…Promise.

On a positive note, this may seem glum – but to me it’s positive. I’ve given up some things, I usually never stop ( OH that’s where Brad gets it from ๐Ÿ˜› ) but I’ve finally given up some things that’ll help the babes I’m sure

Now I no longer….

* Go to car shows with Keith on Wednesdays and walk around

* Get groceries, I dont even GO I make “detailed” lists

* Bend…If theres crumbs on the floor, well they are staying there until Keith gets home

* Sleep on my belly – this wasn’t hard to give up – it’s just impossible

* Swim laps, I cannot – I simply sink. So I just float around like a whale!

* I no longer force myself to go outside and “watch” Brad while Keith is with him – he wont die if Im not there

* Keith is now incharge of bathing Brad I can’t bend/lift and all that other fun stuff that comes with bathing a child

* Do my hair..OK this is a lie – some mornings Im feeling really good, but for the most part the idea of standing in front of a mirror for 20 minutes just doesn’t justify itself- I’ve invested in lots of elastics

* I no longer wait TWO weeks between massages, I go WEEKLY YAY!!!

…………………..And Im sure the list is longer, but those are just some things I’ve given up – and can’t wait until I can do them again ๐Ÿ™‚

PS – having triplets moving around inside you is like a circus…IT’S amazing!!!


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