Well that was rough…

Last night again – was hell. My Ribs were so unbearably sore…. I think I did to much yesterday ( which only included going into Old Nay and Zellers)… So today is all about relaxing!!! My OB said to take tylenol but im such a worry wart about medicine… I think I’d rather take the massive pain to spare my babes the drugs….

My task today is to make some lasagna for dinner before 12pm so that it’s ready to go for supper ( I seem to become incapable of moving around 3…) and to register Bradley for a few summer camp days… I dont know why but I feel like Im not a responsible mother by signing him up for these camps – like Im giving into the care of someone else for my child, when I should be very capable of doing it myself….but im starting to realize that right now, Im just not at all able to….

Im also starting to realize that having triplets – is EXPENSIVE!!!!…Wholey COW!

Here’s a list of what Im anticipating having to buy

> Closet organizing system

>3 Cribs

> 1 change table

>1 rocking chair

>2 ottomans

>Paint/ Deco for the room

> Triplet Stroller

>2 Car Seats

> 2 high chairs

> 30 – 50 bottles depending on if I can breastfeed

> Change table pads

> 3 Mattresses

>2 Swings

> 4 “bouncy” chairs

> Baby monitor

> 3 baby bath slings

> 3 Crib sets

> MASSIVE amounts of diapers and wipes

>  LOTS of clothes, layette, towels etc…


WOW!… And Im probably not even covering everything imagine!!!… Must. Start. Shopping. NOW!


Side note from the sac:

Dad – you may want to skip this part if you’re reading it LOL!!!!!

Sex with triplets is almost impossible. We’ve been continually given the “Go Ahead” to engage in sexual activity… But I think IM going to pull the plug. Last night was quite the adventure… Keith thinks the belly is cute – I think it’s like 2 20lbs sacs of potatoes resting on my chest while Im trying to breath, sex brings about heavy breathing as it is – but imagine trying to breath with 2 20lbs bags of potatoes on you – NOT EASY…If the breathing part wasn’t bad enough and the inability to get comfortable in ANY position, (we might as well have brought out a karma sutra book lol)…. I can’t have an orgasm. I dont know why?… I guess the uterus contracts during an orgasm well this uterus is FULL…NO VACANCY…..NOT FOR RENT….and so it wasn’t moving anywhere – needless to say sex+triplets = no so erotic. At least I tried… lol but I dont think I’ll be so inclined to try again any time soon – I think it would be easier to do in a hospital bed – more bed “positions” for comfort with electric controls LOL!!!…..I bet if I mentioned to Keith he’d look into buying one lol.. I should tell him sex would be best (easiest) in a pool – maybe I can get a pool that way LOL!!

Off to start lasagna – man im a good house wife!

One Response to “Well that was rough…”
  1. Lisa C says:

    You crack me up! =) I’ve been thinking about you tons. Keep up the good work.

    Is there any reason you couldn’t name your other girl Charlie? You could you know…

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