This package Includes….

Wed June 24th – BIG day…. we had our 18 week ultrasound scan… We found out that our package includes 2 little girls (baby in the middle and baby on the left) and 1 very unshy very “showy” boy on the left …. 2 of them already have names….Baby B – our boy – is Benjamin, Baby A – our 1st girl is Lauren Summer….And Baby C is still up in the air…


I was VERY convincedthat baby C was a boy -and so for the last 18 weeks, it has been my little Charlie- “Charlie” has been the most interesting of the bunch, very active – very achy, always surprising – and now I’ve found out that HE is actually a SHE and Imhaving a very hard time naming her… The names up to bat so far are: Sophie, Chelsea, Katelyn, Madeline…. Nothing really strikes me yet though … It’ll come Im sure… Hopefully we still have another 12 weeks of more!!!

WOW… That just hit me – if I deliver at the “average” gestation for triplets – we only have 13 weeks until the babes are here… That can’t be right … 19+13….hmmm that certainly is 32 weeks WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..Do you know how quickly 18 weeks went by – imagine 13 weeks….


So…. Here are some status updates:


Blood Pressure 110/60 (PERFECT!!)


Cervix ….4.8cms – anything over 3 is gold!



All weigh in at 1/2 a lbs ( or 8 oz) … .Average at this stage is 5-7oz – WHY on earth do I have to have triplets “above average for size??”

All have “prefect” score for internal organs  – except heart which was to small to tell at this point – will know next u/s

They’ve positioned themselves in a “favourable” for baby ( MASSIVELY unfavorable for mommy) position, they are in a Y 2 babies are snuged up under my ribs and 1 is very low in my abdomen, this is great news for them as the chances of growth restriction isn’t as sever – HOWEVER I get to suffer from MASSIVE bruised ribs – ouch.

Heart beats all excellent between 145-155

Nobody is bigger or better – they are all identical – way to go team us!!!!


We now have regular bi-weekly appointment withthe civic hospital – appointments take on average 3 hours. We do a series of tests, ultrasounds, chats and what not – the group works in a team, with 1 u/s technician, 1 maternal fetal medicine specialist, 1 nurse, 1 psychologist and 1 dietitian…It’s a great team and I feel VERY well taken care of – everyone there is SO happy and SO encouraged for us – I leave those appointment feeling better than ever!!.. I was told at my last appointment if I can continue the way Im going – I could escape bedrest ALL together – FINGERS CROSSED!!!!

So I’ve done what I swore I would not do. I bought similar outfits for the twin girls – I couldn’t help it… I think I will cave and sometimes dress the girls the same – how can you not its SOOOcute! .. And yes I have started buying clothes… things are starting to feel more real for me – and with the possibility of maybe only 13 weeks left  + or – a few weeks – I think it’s best we start getting prepared. So far my only baby purchases include washcloths (they were SUPER cute lol)… Baby Monitor ( I use it for Brad while I’m out at the pool and he’s napping)….and a few pieces of clothing… I think the list will pile up soon…. Speaking of baby things though – people have been INCREDIBLY beyond possible generous for gifts….we’re so lucky to have such a supportive family and friends and really honestly – couldn’t do it without them!

On a more personal note……..

The last few days have been rough – really rough. Poor Keith. I cry every single night. Sometimes I even curse the idea of having triplets and honestly contimplate giving them away. It hurts my body more than anyone can ever imagine, infact the mere reason why this blog isn’t updates more often is beacuse I can’t even sit at the computer, it hurts THAT much.Imnot a very large person to begin with ( height wise anyways) and these babes dontseem to care about that they take up EVERY inch of me…that makes 13 weeks seem VERY VERY far away…I no longer sleep in the same room as Keithand Bradley – which is hard, I HATE sleeping alone – but I simply can’t sleep with a) other people in the bed and B) on my mattress – why on earth did I ever buy a European plush pillow top you just SINK into it – not so fun when you have 3 other bodies inside you….I feel a little isloated from my family and I get really angry that I can’t do the things I want to do ( ie SHOP!!!!!!!!!!)…..but like my nurse said – it’s 13 weeks of your life…just 13 weeks…

Only 13 weeks………….

4 Responses to “This package Includes….”
  1. Kate says:

    Congrats! Nice even sex distribution in your household now. Why can’t you name baby C Charlotte, and call her Charlie? Love the other two names you’ve picked. Charlotte might be a little old-fashioned.
    You can make it through 13 more weeks – it’ll be worth it when the babies get here and are big and healthy. Though I’m sure it’ll be very tough at times.

  2. Dreaming says:

    Hey BP…suggestion on a name…how about Charlotte? (I am in love with that name and planned to call one of the twins Charlotte until I found out that they were both boys!) That way, you could shorten it to Charlie…soooo cute. OMG…I just noticed the comment below as I was typing this…somebody already suggested this, how cool is that? Glad everything is going well with the babes. I find it hard enough carrying twins, so I can only imagine what your poor body is going through. Hang in there…13 weeks, that’s it! Hey, I just realized that we may deliver at the same time! I am having a section in about 13 weeks too. Anyway, all the best!

    • BE says:

      I third Charlotte (lol) Actually since I am still refering to my two as Charlie & Max (for now). Charlie was atually short for Charlotte.As for whatever reason always thought of Charlie as being a “she”. You CAN make it through 13 more weeks. On the shopping front, online shopping is my friend :-p.

  3. julie says:

    How about instead of ‘Charlie’.. how about Carly? My niece is Carly, and it’s a great name 🙂 Charlie, Carly 🙂

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