12hrs 45 minutes

Excellent day today – very little time to blog.


HOWEVER – only 12hrs 45 minutes of wait time until our next ultrasound! I can’t WAIT to find out the sexes of the babes..WOW WOW WOW.. I’ve already planned an afternoon of shopping to buy stuff!

Biggest hope – that everyone (mom included) are still healthy and progressing as expected!

Pretty sore today – again major complaint – ribs. I SWEAR they are going to break…

Will post a hell of a blog tomorrow lol 🙂

One Response to “12hrs 45 minutes”
  1. kat says:

    Can’t wait for your update!!! I’ve been falowing sence your big BFP. Even my eyes are crossed for you to have all that you have ever hopped for. So I can’t see anymore lol. Good luck BP.
    kat, aka babatime

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