Hospital Scare

Hospital Scare

So those of you who know me ( ie Kerri thanks for the email!) You know I wouldn’t leave a blog like the last one and not return – not only that but I dont think a day has passed in my life when I wasn’t on
So roll the clock back 2 nights – I was awake the entire night with massive massive pains – not in my uterus thank god, but on my left side, under my rib down to about the belly button – my back was also really hurting – and then the pain got worse – so bad that i couldn’t even stand – it felt like contractions in my intestines – and then the vomiting started – ohhh did it start.
Anyways – around 5am I told hubby to call an ambulance – yes it was THAT bad. He agreed to drive me – so with Brad in tow at 5am we left for the hospital – they took me immediately. My blood pressure is normally 110/60 ( perfect little ticker I have 🙂 ) any my pulse is normally between 75-80…. I was at 150/80 and my Pulse was at 150.
Anyways – by this time I had probably had diarrhea 12 times, and vomited at LEAST 6 times ( keep in mind its now like 6am ) anyways so rushed in – they decided to “incubate me” ie – I looked like the big freak that everyone had to wear MASSIVE amounts of protective wear every time they entered the room. So the beat goes on – they took SUPER good care of me… I was hooked up to EKGs, I had 1 Liter of IV pumped into me in SIX minutes – it was nuts.. I was then hooked up to IVs for the rest of the day – and I had MANY MANY shots of gravel – who knew ladies gravel is 100% safe in pregnancy.
Anyways the dr started freaking out that maybe it was ectopic – sometime a baby can venture up the Fallopian tube even after pregnancy has been established – so at this point we’re freaking. We’re rushed away to High Risk OB unit PHEW everyone was fine ( willl finish up blog with triplet update)… that’s clear. (i’ve never seen DH cry so much too cute!)
Then they bring me to general u/s the looked at EVERYTHING I have never been so thoroughly examined – gull bladder, spleen, kidneys, stomach, etc… to give you an idea that ultrasound lasted TWO HOURS…
Anyways the big end of it : I think it was just gastro. FRIGGEN IMAGINE?… it hit me hard though because he said your blood volume is outta control ( which is normal in triplet pregnancy ) so really everything that happens to me is X3
So then Im leaving and he gives me another shot of gravel for the road ( did I mention how much I love thoes friggen things???) … And Im thinking ok this is probably just REALLY REALLY REALLY puke 25 times a day m/s. The DR made me promiss to come back for a few days IV if the puking continued… I promised. He also mentioned that it was odd that I didn’t have m/s with ds and would get it with this pregnancy – he says once a vomiter always a vomiter – he was a little shocked.
Anyways – I came home and immediately fell asleep. I just woke up and…I feel GREAT. I dont want to jinx it but zero m/s nothing – Im hoping infact it wasn’t m/s and was just all part of the gastro – my tummy still gurgling and feeling sensitive but after yesterday – it’s little wonder!
SOOO the exciting thing – all babes are doing perfect…..
First U/S as I mentioned in the post showedbaby a – hb was around 125 measuring a wee bit small 6w6d still had a yolk sac – were a little concerned but us at risk to loose oneBaby b- hb around 145 measuring exact 7w1day – perfect as can be babybaby c – hb aronud 145 measuring exact 7w1day – prefect as can be.
Then At the hospital we had another u/s with the “high risk tech pros” they said they’ve never seen happier trips! :)baby a – hb around 135 measuring perfect – no issues anymore with yolk sac – he’s staying till the endbaby b – hb 148 measuring perfectbaby c – hb 150 measures perfect — and dont forget this is after mommys had vials upon vials of gravel they heart could have been slower but it wasn’t – the DR there was SUPER MEGA UBER impressed –
All the DRs keep telling me – Im perfect for triplets, im so lucky – the babes are so lucky – I have zero health problems, Ive carried a babe to term, I had a perfect uterus — everyone was SOOO positive that made me feel really happy.
DH is so attached to them -you know it really hit us by surprise – because of our silly inconclusive ( never have an u/s at 5w0d) I never thought it was be more than twins… i almost fell off the table, the tech asked me if I wanted someone in the washroom with me because i looked like I was going to pass out… the first thing DH said to me was…well I guess we’re not getting a boat this summer.
DH is SOOO pumped though I never thought he would be THIS excited, he’s so inlove with’s so sweet….
I have to tell you – never in a million bagillion years – did I ever want/ think/ wish for triplets – common, Im a poor responder…. I really really wanted twins – so triplets is a bit shocking for us – but we couldn’t be happier – we’ve already started a list of people taking vacation time off ( mostly family ) to come and help out – its fantastic – we’re really the right people to have trips – we have THE BEST – support system ever.
So i’ve been blogging for nearly 30mins – still feeling good 🙂
Will write more later — sooo excited
ohh and my hcg yesterday he said he couldn’t remember the exact number it was over 120,000 lol – he said those are snug babes!!! 🙂

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