Finding out it’s triplets

Finding out it’s triplets

So, if you’re reading this – you know me. And you know I can’t wait.

So we decided to have an early ultrasound – which was ruled inconclusive – and only showed 1 babe – but the ultrasound tech wouldn’t say 1 – just said inconclusive…

so I went on for 2 weeks sure that it was a singleton – a little disappointed it wasn’t twins as I thought that would have been so fun.

When we went for our official ultrasound – I blurted out – oh wow look I see two, I see two – and she’s like no …. And I said I’m SURE i see two – she says – I see 3.

I almost fell off my chair.

As I left the room all the nurses were waiting for me – apparently after 3 cycles and my chipper personality I’ve become somewhat of a “local hero/star” to them – they love me. They all call me the 1-2-3 girl – because each one of them gave me COUNTLESS needles – and I always said every time – can you please say 1-2-3 before giving me the needled – so EVERYONE knows me by that – I think the nurses were more excited than we were – let me tell you the rest of that day went by in a complete blur.

All Keith could say was – we’re not getting a boat anymore. I think I’ll have to agree with him.


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