Just some random thoughts I needed to get out:

What I love about being pregnant
-> The way my belly is getting bigger but I dont seem to mind much
-> Buying an ENTIRE new wardrobe even though I’ll wear it for only 6 more months
-> The reaction I get from each and every person who finds out it’s triplets, I wish I could carry around a camera to record reactions!
-> Feeling the babes move
-> Playing the sexes “guessing game”
-> Coming up with names
-> Being part of the “pregnant” crowd
-> How happy I feel to finally be on the way to completing our family
-> The ability to justify a 16$ bubble bath purchase, just because it makes me feel good
-> The insane cravings and how Keith totally gives into them ( ie him rushing out to get fresh squeezed oj last night at 8:45)
-> The wait to meet them

What Im scared of

* Giving birth before 32 weeks
* Getting gestational diabeties
* The possibility of having a blood transfusion
* The C-Section ( I cry everyday about this….)
* The chance of it being 3 girls
* Not having everything prepared in time
* Bradley being feeling left out
* Our life becoming a “circus” of people always staring because of triplets
* Loosing one or more of the babes
* The epidural

How am I ?

Babes Inside me:

All babes are moving. I’ve done some research and it shows that twins/triplets will usually move “in sync” with one another, ie one kicks the other kicks – but occasionally they move at different times, that seems to be the case with our team. They each have their own TOTALLY different personality and I’m getting to know them in the belly….C moves almost always, A move in reacation to C or B – can you blame him/her being stuck in the middle, and B moves just when she wants to – which isn’t quite so often but enough to let me know she’s there!!…The seem to sleep well through out the night in my belly, I haven’t been woken up ( yet) of any crazy soccer games…

In terms of physical feelings:

I feel good, most of the time I dont even realize Im pregnant, but I attribute this to me being finished work. Im able to lye down all the time which helps beyond belief. Having to sit or stand for more than 20 minutes causes issues…I get very sore. Around 6-7 at night I get so sore to the point where I can’t really walk anymore and I am basically forced to rest on my side…The pain is mostly in my ribs, it feels like my ribs are honestly exploding. Im going to ask my OB if it is possible for a triplet moms ribs to break, because I honestly feel like that is what’s happening.I’m feeling ok about my “shape” and confident still that we’re in the for at least another 16 weeks!!…My breast are growing VERY fast…I LOVE them!!!….

How is Bradley?

He’s doing well, I explain to him often that there may be a point where mommy has to go and live in the hospital but that he can come and see me every single night!..He seems to be okay with this – Bradley and I have never spent a night apart in his whole life ( 3 1/2 years) so it might come as a shock but I am trying to prepare him the best I can. He definatly realizes that there are 3 babes coming and he’s very much okay with this…infact I think he thinks it’s normal, some people get 1 some get 2 some get 3 etc…he just thinks, wel I guess we got 3 and he’s cool with that. He occasionally hands me things ( rocks, pieces of lint, flowers etc..) for the babes which I think is really cute!!

How is Keith

Alive. LOL…Keeping up with raging hormones, insane craving requests, and the fact that I can barely bend (read: CANNOT EMPTY THE DISHWASHER LOL)….all in all he’s doing well, he’s REALLY come around to the idea of triplets and LOVES the idea, he’s so attached to them now, he’s begun talking to my belly, rubbing them – he now says by to me, brad and the babes every morning…He was a HUGE bawler when Brad was born, so I asked him if he thought he’d end up doing the same this time around – he said three times! LOL…. We’re really coming together as a family and Im more and more confident each day in our ability to successfully pull this off


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