So – Summer = Construction right? So why not on my blog too…


I’m sorry I moved my blog and I’m hoping that I’m not confusing you and that I’ll still get as many interested readers but the reason for the move is I’m amalgamating….You see I’ve always kept TWO blogs – one very private IVF journey blog that some of you are used to reading, and one public blog that never was updated much …But I’ve decided to combine the two as I am now on what I want to be a very public journey. It’s fun to have triplets, its interesting, and everyone wants to know more – well heres the place…chance are if you have a question about triplets I’ll answer it here – and if you’re wondering where my headspace is at today you’ll get it all here too..So I hope the transition isn’t too difficult and that I wont loose too many readers 🙂


There’s a post wayyyyy down there at the bottom – go on scroll down – it’s called how this blog came into existance, I wrote it today and I think even though it’s SUPER long it deserves a read – it explains basically WHY we’re having triplets – so go on..NOW give it a read!!


Today marks week 18 for our pregnancy….we have some milestone and I’ve almost met the first one!

  1. Get to 20 weeks – at this point the babes have SOME chance of survival outside the womb, not much but some
  2. Get to 24 weeks – at this point, we’d be given about a 50/50 chance
  3. Get to 30 weeks – Great survival rate
  4. Get to 32 weeks – This is the average gestation for triplets
  5. Get to 36 weeks – I’ve beat ALLL expectations 🙂 🙂 🙂


So starting to today Im only just about at milestone 1, but it took me awhile to get here – a whole 18 weeks and I’m very proud of our team!!

Wednesday is very exciting for us…we have our huge ultrasound – the biggest even is finding out the sexes…but the most important event is this is a HUGE ultrasound in terms of finding out the health of our babes, we will be have extensive measurements of things like heart chambers, lungs, stomachs brains etc… so please keep us all in your thoughts for the next few days while we find out all this information – and I’ll be sure to blog about it !!

We’ve come up up with a few names and Im excited to find out who is getting what name….


  • Lauren
  • Madeline
  • Chelsea
  • Brooke


  • Benjamin
  • Charlie

As you can see we’re a little stuck on the boys names, we really like the name Stephen and Keith wants to go ahead with this – but I think it’s a wee bit aqward being that I have an ex named that…. Isn’t awful how someone can ruin a name for you…think of it – the smelly girl in her class, what was her name? Could you name your kid that even if you LOVED the you can’t – so some names are totally ruined lol…But I’m sure we’ll work it out…


So who do I think is who in the uterus?

Baby A – I say is a girl

Baby B-  I also think is a girl

Baby C – is CERTAINLY a boy…


I can’t wait to find out how close – or how far off lol – I am 🙂


4 Responses to “”
  1. julie says:

    Hello old friend! Thanks alot for creating yet ANOTHER blog for me to become addicted to! I will be following this one closely and will think of you on Wednesday. PS – love the names. Julie aka jrhansen

    AHhh! Thanks for following along….I can’t WAIT to update on Wed!

  2. Cheryl B says:

    Hi little Momma! Thanks for consolidating as I was always forgetting to check others. One-stop shopping…that’s always the way to go. Good luck Wednesday… me asap when you can.
    Love CB

  3. Sandra says:

    Good luck with the u/s tomorrow. I’ll be thinking of you and can’t wait to read all about it. So should I read here in the future – is the IVF one gone?


    • 4under4 says:

      IVF one I’ll update periodically – but likely this will be the main one from now on 🙂

      I can’t wait for yoru BETA!!!!!!!!!!

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