21 Inches and then some…

21 Inches and then some…

1.75 feet….
533.4 mm….

As big as4.5 kit kat fingers lined up.

That’s how big our babes are in total this week.

Crazy isn’t it? I dont know where exactly they are going and I cannot even begin to imagine the displacement that is happening inside my poor body – but Im expanding, and Im making room for these little burritos! Infact… Check out the belly bump if you haven’t already seen it!

I swear, it honestly gets bigger each and every single day. I’m starting to get excited – the first few months were a blur.. But I think Im slowly waking up thinking wow, we’re going to have babieS – LOTS of babies, and how exciting!… I haven’t been this excited yet – 🙂

Sleeping is getting very rough, it’s a good thing I’m not working anymore because I rarely sleep at night, it’s not that I’m uncomfortable – it’s the peeing! … Im a MACHINE. Really I am. And I’ve learned to pretty much do the whole thing on auto pilot too!….But – if you think about it – I have to “pee” out each babies amniotic fluid ever few hours, and there are three – so I’m peeing likely 3-4x’s the amount of pee a normal person would produce. Lets just say costco is loving our t/p purchase bills! ::)

Tomorrow I am doing some baby shopping in Watertown NY I think it’s probably one of the last weekends that I’m this mobile so I better take advantage of it…Hopefully we can get some good deals on baby stuff !! …. And some maternity clothes for me too!


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