17 Weeks!

17 Weeks!

I’ve Given Up Groceries.
Not eating them – just getting groceries. For the past few weeks I keep saying (with Bradley in tow)..OK that’s it Im NEVER doing groceries again, lifting Brad into the seat, pushing a heavy cart, packing my groceries, bringing them in, putting them away – Im quitting. And I meant it every time I said it…but today was it.

I got to Farm Boy, had to lift brad into FIVE buggies until I found one where the seat wasn’t broken, I had a list ohhh 25+ items longs – I picked up OJ, Raspberries, Bananas, Cucumbers – And I had to leave. It really was just too much. And on my way home I realized – that’s it. I cannot do groceries on my own. And So – after today’s Farm Boy experience, June 16th marks the last time I went out for groceries. 😛

I find being pregnant with triplets, I’ve had to give up a lot…nothing MAJOR but just little picky things that’s Im particular about:

– The brands of groceries ( keith always picks up no name)
– The way my garden looks, I really can only weed so much
– The way I LOVED to lie in the sun for hours, the babes kick HARD to let me know when they’ve had enough
– The way I like to bathe Bradley, soak/play, drain some water, hair wash, body wash, drain all water and then final rinse with clean water….I try to get Keith to follow this, but Im SURE he thinks Im nuts
– The Wednesday night car shows, I just can’t possibly walk it anymore
– My PJs…They just dont fit…

And the list goes on – but you know what, ALL this giving up – is getting me so much – so I know in the end when I see all three babies everything that’s been put on hold will all be worth it.

I went through about 4-5 days when the babes were quite quiet, but today they’re back to their busy selves, it’s so reassuring to get a nice strong kick 🙂

We only have 8 days remaining until our next ultrasound – and that means…finding out who’s who in the gang!! I can’t wait.. 🙂


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